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Orange Beach, Alabama, bans short-term rentals

The new law prohibits short-term vacation rentals in single-family residential properties for less than two weeks....Continued

Charleston, South Carolina, passes strict short-term rental law

The City Council voted 11-2 to approve new regulations. The new law goes into effect in 90 days and a violation will be a misdemeanor crime...Continued

How tech can elevate your vacation rental business

Not much in the vacation rental business hasn’t been subject to tech. New systems and processes can help ensure a great vacation for guests...Continued

10 safety concerns to document when renting out your home

Not only do you want to ensure the safety of your guests, but you should also be thinking about protecting yourself from liability....Continued

Property management for your short-term vacation rental

Self-management is too time-consuming for many owners. A hands-off approach can allow you to hand over some or all aspects of the process to a third party....Continued

California court blocks HOA ban on short-term rentals

The ruling against a homeowner association in a coastal neighborhood in Oxnard states the HOA doesn’t have the authority to ban short-term rentals....Continued

Palm Springs residents to vote on measure restricting short-term rentals

The ballot initiative would ban short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods unless the owner is present, and phase them out of over two years...Continued

Do-it-yourself short-term vacation rental management

If you’re organized and have the time to coordinate all the moving parts, self-managing your short-term rental could be a good choice....Continued

Airbnb starts collecting Denver lodging taxes April 1

Hosts using other services for bookings are responsible for collecting both the state sales tax and city lodging tax themselves...Continued

The simmering battle over short-term rentals

Here are some of the commonly raised points as the debate on short-term rental markets plays out in communities across the country...Continued