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Boston City Council passes strict new short-term rental law

The law takes effect January 1, but current short-term rental hosts will be able to follow the old rules until September 2019....Continued

Lodging Taxes 101: Collecting taxes on your short-term rental

It’s important to make sure you’re charging the right tax rates to avoid hassles — and fines and penalties — down the road....Continued

Lodging Taxes 101: Registering to collect taxes on your short-term rental

As host, you're responsible for collecting all lodging taxes due on your short-term rental and passing them on to the appropriate tax authority....Continued

5 vacation rental management tasks to outsource and automate

For smaller companies and independent property owners, the following five tasks are just a part of an outsourcing journey that could free up your time and reduce a lot of stress....Continued

Palm Springs voters reject short-term rental ban

Property owners offering short-term listings independently or on platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway will be able to continue operating — subject to the city’s strict regulations....Continued

Do I have to collect taxes on cleaning fees for my short-term rental property?

It often takes close scrutiny of the rules in your state, county and/or city to figure out what you need to do when it comes to taxes on your short-term rental. ...Continued

Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of short-term rental owner

The precedent the ruling sets could affect the ultimate outcome of legal challenges involving other Texas cities’ restrictions on short-term rentals....Continued

New Orleans City Council temporarily bans several short-term rentals

The New Orleans City Council has voted to suspend new short-term rental permits for whole-home rentals while it takes another look at the current law....Continued

Airbnb will start collecting lodging tax in Knoxville, Tennessee

Airbnb has made a deal with Knoxville to collect the city’s 3 percent occupancy tax on behalf of its short-term rental hosts, beginning June 1....Continued

Taking the leap – from property owner to property manager

Create a strategic plan, research the competition and carve a niche, acquire owners, market wisely, and automate the systems. ...Continued