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Summit County, Colorado, passes new short-term rental law

New rules go into effect immediately, but will not be enforced until June 30, 2019. Short-term rental operators must apply for a permit by June 1. ...Continued

How occupancy taxes work

Transient occupancy taxes are levied on facilities that provide accommodations for customers. The obvious model is a hotel or motel. But that might be the only thing that’s obvious about these taxes....Continued

Los Angeles City Council passes new Airbnb rules

New regulations limit short-term rentals to the operator’s primary residence and hosts may only operate one short-term rental at a time....Continued

Baltimore votes to restrict short-term rentals to primary residences

Baltimore short-term rental operators are responsible for registering with tax authorities, collecting taxes from guests, and remitting taxes to the state and city. ...Continued

Las Vegas City Council votes to limit short-term rentals

Under the new rules, new short-term rental permits will only be issued for properties where the owner is present during rental periods. ...Continued

Ballot measure banning most short-term rentals in South Lake Tahoe passes

Once in effect, the city will not issue any new short-term rental permits in banned areas, but permits can still be issued for short-term rentals within the tourist core....Continued

Miami-Dade County sues FlipKey, HomeAway over short-term rental tax collection

The county alleges the companies are violating a county law that requires third parties that collect payment for short-term rentals to also collect lodging taxes. ...Continued

Boston to delay short-term rental rules while Airbnb lawsuit plays out

Airbnb and Boston agreed that fines against platforms and data-sharing requirements won’t be enforced until a judge rules on Airbnb’s request for an injunction while the case proceeds. ...Continued

Big Island officials pass rules restricting Airbnbs

Under the new regulations, short-term vacation rentals are barred in residential and agricultural zones and only allowed in hotel, resort, and commercial zones. ...Continued