September 2023 Roundup: Tax laws you need to know 

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your tax compliance.

Nuts and bolts 

Crystal clear billing. Customers expect transparency from companies they use, especially when it comes to billing. Find out how Avalara and Chargebee work together to keep accounts, invoices, and taxes transparent.  

Next stop: automation station. From state sales tax to marketplace facilitator laws to regulatory complexity, tax compliance for online travel agencies isn’t all smooth sailing. Find out how automation can help cut down on some of the turbulence online travel agencies (OTAs) are facing. 

Pencils, folders, sales tax holidays. Back-to-school season means sales tax holidays for items like school supplies, clothing, and backpacks. Prepare for upcoming tax holidays with this post

Multichannel surfing. According to Statistica, U.S. ecommerce revenue is expected to grow to $1,415.78 billion in 2027. With sales coming from social media platforms, search engines, marketplaces, and your online store, it might be time to brush up on multichannel commerce benefits and best practices.  

Tangible tax on digital goods. Each state has different rules and classifications when it comes to taxing digital goods like games and downloadable software. So how should a marketplace that sells all over the country approach tax? Here’s a cheat code.   

Order up! Consumers are using on-demand marketplaces to get everything from breakfast to after-dinner drinks. But tax compliance can be challenging for on-demand services — find out how you can deliver on your tax obligations.

Sweet bread (and milk and cheese) Alabama. On September 1, 2023, the state of Alabama cut the tax rate on food from 4% to 1%. But not all food qualifies for the lower rate, which could cause confusion among customers and retail owners. We dish about complicated food taxability rules in this blog post

California targets guns and ammo for new tax. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 28 into law on September 26, 2023, and an 11% tax will apply to gross receipts from retail sales of ammunition, firearms, and firearm precursor parts. While this statewide excise tax is the first of its kind, other states have their own rules for taxing firearms and related items.   

The early bird gets the discount. Did you know that over half of all states offer a discount to businesses that file sales tax returns and remit sales tax payments on time? Some even reward businesses for filing early. See if you can save in your state

Fast talk finance. From technology and automation to economic trends, get the highlights from our recent Fast Talk Finance webinar series.

From the tap 

Ready to classify RTDs? The ready-to-drink beverage category value is expected to reach $11.6 billion through 2026. This success is causing states to reconsider how they classify and tax RTDs

From the property tax desk

Coast-to-coast compliance. Whether you own or manage property on the East Coast or the West Coast, you should be on top of property tax compliance. Get the property tax guides for New York and California

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