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Airbnb makes deals with Miami Beach, Portland

Airbnb has made agreements with Miami Beach and Portland to provide host information and delist non-compliant properties in order to help the cities enforce their vacation rental laws....Continued

Boston Airbnb hosts must register with city by December under lawsuit settlement

Airbnb agreed to rules requiring short-term rental hosts to own the properties they rent, register with the city, include registration numbers in online listings, as well as meet other requirements....Continued

Austin raises tax rate that short-term rentals must charge

The City Council has voted to raise the city’s hotel occupancy tax from 7 percent to 9 percent, effective immediately. The increase should raise the city’s projected hotel tax revenues from about $102...Continued

Henderson, Nevada, passes law allowing short-term rentals

The City Council of Henderson has voted to legalize short-term rentals, and the new law requires short-term rental operators to abide by several rules. ...Continued

New Jersey governor signs bill exempting many Jersey Shore vacation rentals from lodging tax

The exemption applies to hosts with up to two vacation rental units who manage their rentals directly with guests rather than using a third-party platform such as Airbnb....Continued

New Orleans finalizes restrictive new short-term rental law

The New Orleans City Council has passed a new law that places stricter limits on short-term rentals and raises fees that guests must pay, starting December 1. ...Continued

Honolulu sends warning letters to 5,000 residents suspected of running illegal short-term rentals

Based on online searches of vacation rental websites and comparison of photos on advertisements with actual addresses and city records, the letters are a courtesy provided by the city to give owners t...Continued

New data helps Austin crack down on illegal short-term rentals

City officials plan to make a push to enforce short-term rental laws against thousands of illegal vacation rentals starting early next year....Continued

20,000 signatures gathered in effort to overturn Jersey City short-term rental law

The signatures have been submitted to the Jersey City government in a bid to overturn a strict new short-term rental law recently passed by the City Council. ...Continued

Denver charges short-term rental hosts with felonies

It’s the second time in two months that vacation rental owners in the city have been charged with the crime of misrepresenting their place of residence. ...Continued