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HomeAway steps up lodging tax collection efforts

Airbnb has pursued agreements with local governments to collect lodging taxes on bookings on behalf of hosts. HomeAway has lagged far behind in collecting taxes on its bookings — but that's changing....Continued

Columbus, Ohio, to begin regulating and taxing Airbnbs

The ordinance also sets new rules for online short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO. ...Continued

HomeAway offers New Orleans proposal for short-term rental rules

The online vacation rental platform is aiming to avoid an all-out ban on short-term rentals in the city while still addressing community concerns. ...Continued

Keeping up with changes in the lodging industry

Vacation rental owners need to get used to even more change coming and can’t afford to be complacent, adopt a head-in-the-sand attitude, or hope it goes back to the way it was....Continued

As the Airbnb battle heats up, lawsuits follow

Affordable housing becoming more scarce, neighborhood disruptions due to an influx of short-term renters, hotels and Airbnbs often operating under different standards and taxation: The debate rages on...Continued

Guide to security deposits for short-term rental hosts

Having the proper processes in place can security deposits them less of a burden for your guests and easier to deal with for you. Read these 10 tips. ...Continued

7 Airbnb podcasts to help boost your business

Podcasts can go with you in the car, to the gym, or wherever else you might want to tune in to get tips on running your short-term rental business....Continued

10 ways to build your vacation rental business and still have free time

There are a lot of regular and one-off tasks to consider. Here are just a few, followed by simple things you can do to minimize your effort and gain back time....Continued

New York City Council passes bill requiring Airbnb to share host data

The new law will make it much easier for the city to find out who's offering short-term vacation rentals — and whether or not they're following the law. ...Continued

Cities turning to technology to enforce Airbnb rules

In the past, it’s been extremely difficult for communities to track short-term rentals, but technology is changing that....Continued