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Scottsdale requires short-term rental hosts to provide contact info

Short-term rental hosts in Scottsdale, Arizona, are now required to provide the city with contact information for someone who can be reached in case of complaints or an emergency....Continued

Airbnb promises crackdown on party houses, but some are skeptical

Some hosts and experts question whether Airbnb can effectively monitor all its listings to prevent unauthorized activity. ...Continued

New Orleans voters approve new short-term rental tax

Vacation rental hosts will be required to collect the new occupancy tax from guests, along with existing lodging taxes....Continued

Airbnb to begin sharing host data with Hawaii tax authorities

A Hawaii court ruling determined that Hawaii’s Department of Taxation may subpoena Airbnb for data on its hosts to find out whether short-term rental operators are paying lodging taxes. ...Continued

Jersey City voters support tighter short-term rental rules; Telluride voters approve new vacation rental tax

On Election Day, voters in Jersey City opted to support tighter rules on short-term rentals while voters in Telluride approved a 2.5% lodging tax on vacation rentals to help fund affordable housing....Continued

Los Angeles short-term rental hosts required to register by November 1

Hosts who operate or advertise short-term rentals without a city registration number after October 31 will be in violation of the law....Continued

Seattle short-term rental hosts face December 15 registration deadline

Airbnb hosts will not be able to book guests after December 15 unless they have a city short-term rental license number....Continued

Judge strikes down Miami Beach short-term rental law

While the ruling focused on fines, the judge struck down the whole law. If his ruling stands, it could be difficult for the city to regulate short-term rentals. ...Continued

Santa Monica tightens home-sharing rules as appeals court upholds vacation rental law

New rules for short-term rentals in Santa Monica go into effect October 24....Continued

New Washington, D.C., Airbnb law goes into effect October 1

Under the ordinance, short-term rental operators must obtain city permits, may only rent out their primary residence, and can only offer short-term rentals for up to 90 days a year when not present. ...Continued