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New Nashville zoning option may be used to ban short-term rentals in future developments

The zoning could help more multifamily developments get approved and would only apply to future developments, not existing ones or those already being planned....Continued

San Bernardino County hosts have until end of March to get vacation rental permit

The new vacation rental ordinance applies to residential rentals and accessory dwelling units, in both mountain and desert areas of the county. ...Continued

New Phoenix law requires short-term rental hosts to register with city

The new law requires short-term rental operators to register with the city, post contact information within their rental properties, and respond to police calls within an hour....Continued

Baltimore short-term rental hosts must be licensed by March 31

Along with additional requirements resulting from the city's new short-term rental law, online short-term rental platforms must make sure short-term rentals have valid licenses before advertising them...Continued

What property managers should know about Airbnb/Vrbo tax collection

When a platform collects lodging tax, it can make managing tax compliance easier — but often it can add even more complication to an already complex task. ...Continued

7 lodging tax collection reminders for short-term rental property managers

Here’s what every property manager should remember when it comes to collecting lodging tax for short-term rentals....Continued

6 short-term rental tax registration and filing tips for property managers

Here’s what property managers should know about registration, filing with local authorities, and the overall tax compliance process for short-term rentals. ...Continued

Renting out your property for the Super Bowl? Here’s what you need to know.

Massive events offer opportunity for short-term rental hosts, but that opportunity comes with obligations to follow rules for vacation rentals....Continued

Boston closes short-term rental development loophole

Companies must now apply for a permit from the zoning board of appeals in order to convert residences into short-term rentals. ...Continued

New short-term rental rules go into effect for Placer County, California

The ordinance establishes occupancy limits, permit requirements, safety measures, and sets rules on noise, parking, and more. ...Continued