September 2021

The United States is still feeling the shock of the COVID-19 outbreak, and many states are yet unable to fully assess its continued impact on their budgets.

In fact, there’s a lot that states don’t know when it comes to sales tax revenue, including:

  • What percentage of sales take place online
  • Whether all remote sellers are registering, collecting, and remitting as they should
  • Which specific products or services are sold

Each state is taking a different approach to taxes in response to the budgetary challenges created by the pandemic. Here are some changes states are considering that may impact your business:

  • Cutting general sales tax
  • Expanding specific excise taxes, like legalizing recreational use of marijuana and taxing marijuana sales and vaping products
  • Changing income and sales tax rates and structures
  • Increasing the sales tax base to include digital streaming and subscription services

Of course, any tax policy change means that your business needs to be ready to change along with it. Read our blog post for insights on the current shape of state taxes gleaned from a survey of leaders.

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