Managing tax-exempt sales 101

Video: Learn what tax-exempt sellers need to know about their tax obligations.

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Your guide to exemption certificates

Tax-free sales don’t give businesses a get-out-of-jail-free card. Learn what exempt sellers need to know about tax obligations in our webinar. We’ll explain the basics of exemption certificates, and share tips that can help you streamline collection and management to improve your customer experience and reduce audit risk. 

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why exemption certificates are a necessary part of any tax-exempt transaction
  • The anatomy of an exemption certificate and what’s needed to maintain, validate, and store one
  • Common exemption certificate mistakes and how to correct them
  • Tactics to help you fulfill your overall tax obligations as an exempt seller

About the speakers

Kael Kelly

General Manager of Exemption Certificates, Avalara

Kael has served in leadership roles across marketing, customer acquisition, and strategic initiatives at Avalara since 2012. He has 25 years of software and technology experience in industries ranging from telecommunications to internet to software as a service. He’s worked across company growth stages, from the Fortune 500 to mid-market firms to startups in roles that include market research, product management, marketing, sales, and executive leadership.

Maria Tringali

Senior Solutions Consultant, Avalara

Maria has been with Avalara since 2014 and is focused on training, educating, and supporting customers, prospective customers, sales teams, and partners on tax compliance requirements for B2B sellers. She’s passionate about improving the exempt customer experience and helping businesses improve upon and automate traditionally labor-intensive and risk-prone activities.

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