The new normal: Tax implications for work-from-home tech stack providers

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60 minutes


Understanding communications tax requirements for work-from-home tech stack providers

As the world experienced an unprecedented surge of remote workers due to stay-at-home orders, many businesses had to quickly scramble to meet such a sudden spike. As companies of all sizes have realized the cost savings and productivity increases that remote work can offer, a growing number are announcing work-from-home as part of their new permanent reality and are stepping up their investment in scalable remote communications toolkits.

This gives service providers powering these capabilities a window of opportunity – but it also means it’s time to get taxes right. If your company currently offers, or is planning to offer, tools that enable work-from-home capabilities, it’s important to understand your communications tax requirements. Services like broadband, videoconferencing, video chat, unified communications, VPN, and cloud computing require a well-considered tax policy that harnesses the complexity and protects your business.

This webinar will help you understand your communications tax risk when providing any of these work from home services. You’ll learn tips to ensure you are prepared to manage communications tax complexity as your business expands.

Join communications experts Steve Lacoff and Toby Bargar as they discuss:

  • The growth trajectory of the work from home market
  • The work from home tech stack
  • Critical tax implications of these tools
  • Steps to ensure you are prepared for success
Steve Lacoff, Communications General Manager, Avalara
Steve Lacoff, Communications General Manager, Avalara
Steve Lacoff is General Manager of Avalara for Communications. He previously served as Senior Director of Product Marketing for Avalara’s Strategic Initiatives Group. With a focus on data, VoIP, and video streaming, Steve has spent more than 15 years in various GM, product, and marketing leadership roles in communications and technology industries, including Disney’s streaming services and Comcast technology solutions. Steve now drives overall business unit strategy and regularly provides thought leadership on today’s changing industry landscape and associated tax impacts.
Tony Bargar, Sr. Tax Strategist, Avalara
Tony Bargar, Sr. Tax Strategist, Avalara
Toby is an attorney and senior tax consultant in the Avalara Communications business unit. He regularly speaks about and advises customers on complex transaction tax issues, particularly in the field of communications tax and regulatory surcharges.