Colorado sales tax

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Colorado state sales tax rate

Base state sales tax rate 2.9%
Local rate range* 0%-8.3%
Total rate range* 2.9%-11.2%

* Due to varying local sales tax rates, we strongly recommend using our Colorado sales tax calculator to determine the exact sales tax rate for your location.

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Colorado sales tax details

The Colorado (CO) state sales tax rate is currently 2.9%. Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 11.2%.

Colorado is a “home rule” state. Local-level tax rates in the state of Colorado are quite complex compared against local-level tax rates in other states. Colorado sales tax can be levied at the city/county/school/transportation and SPD (special purpose district) levels.

Companies doing business in Colorado need to register with the Colorado Department of Revenue. In addition, a number of municipalities require registration for the purposes of collecting sales tax.

For sales tax registration, Colorado switched systems in October 2010. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, all businesses must be using a number known as the new Colorado Account Number, which is eight digits. Numbers obtained prior to October 2010 are seven digits. In order to increase the accuracy of tax records, all businesses with seven digit numbers should add a “0” at the beginning of those original numbers. For example, if your account number was L12-34567-0000, your new number is 01234567.

Economic nexus takes effect in the Centennial State on June 1, 2019. Marketplace facilitators must collect and remit tax on all marketplace sales starting October 1, 2019. Remote sellers will have to use destination sourcing to determine sales tax rates.

Colorado Sales Tax Rate Guide

Colorado sales tax guide for businesses

Our free, online guide covers all aspects of managing Colorado sales tax compliance. Topics include:

  • Business registration
  • Collecting sales tax
  • Filing sales tax returns
  • State nexus obligations
  • And more!

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Local Colorado sales tax rates

City Counties State Sales Tax Rate County Sales Tax Rate City Sales Tax Rate Special Sales Tax Rate Total Sales Tax Rate
Denver Denver County 2.90% 0.00% 4.31% 1.10% 8.31%
Colorado Springs El Paso County 2.90% 1.23% 3.12% 1.00% 8.25%
Fort Collins Larimer County 2.90% 0.80% 3.85% Depends on Address 7.55% (1)
Lakewood Jefferson County 2.90% 0.50% 3.00% 1.10% 7.50%
Pueblo Pueblo County 2.90% 1.00% 3.70% Depends on Address 7.60%
Centennial Arapahoe County 2.90% 0.25% 3.00% 1.10% 7.25%
Boulder Boulder County 2.90% 0.985% 3.86% 1.10% 8.845%
Greeley Weld County 2.90% 0.00% 4.11% Depends on Address 7.01% (1)
Loveland Larimer County 2.90% 0.80% 4.00% Depends on Address 6.70% (1)
Broomfield Broomfield County 2.90% 0.00% 4.15% 1.10% 8.15%
  1. In some Colorado cities, special sales tax rates depend on the exact street address. Use our sales tax calculator below to determine your exact rate.

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