The Definitive Guide to Sales and Use Tax

Everything you need to know now about sales and use tax

Confused about sales and use tax? You’re not alone. Your business needs to collect and remit sales and/or use tax while facing a headwind of rapidly shifting tax rules and conditions that vary from state to state. No easy feat for even the savviest of tax experts.

We created this guide for you, the brave souls keeping the business in compliance with sales and use tax regulations. It’s a one-stop resource to stay current on conditions that trigger nexus — your obligation to collect tax — and take steps to stay compliant with the latest state-specific rules.

See examples of the types of transactions that trigger sales tax nexus

Download the guide for:

Sales and use tax basics
Get a clear, concise overview of the sales and use tax landscape — how it works, terms you need to know, and examples of transactions that trigger tax obligations.

Tips to stay compliant
Tax rules are in constant flux. Learn steps your company needs to take to maintain compliance and reduce the risk of costly audits.


Tax rules by state
See how each state taxes a variety of products and services, including food, lodging and tourism, manufacturing equipment, clothing, and more.

Download the guide

Get the essential, one-stop resource for sales and use tax information.