Avalara MatrixMaster

Delivering product sales taxability down to the SKU.

Tracking product taxability is complicated. Avalara MatrixMaster makes it easy. With a powerful database of over 15 million codes Avalara MatrixMaster is the world’s largest database of Universal Product Codes (UPC) with specialized sales taxability data.

Using UPC, commonly known as bar codes, Avalara MatrixMaster determines taxability information for millions of products in thousands of tax jurisdictions across the U.S. Avalara MatrixMaster works for any business that sells products identified with alpha or numeric codes, enabling businesses to process large volumes of products in any file layout for product taxability determinations.

Avalara MatrixMaster addresses Point of Sale (POS) sales tax confusion by automatically incorporating sales and use tax compliance and tax law changes into product listings. It also accommodates full and partial exemptions and sales tax holidays. Avalara MatrixMaster gives you the tools you need for on-demand reporting, customer dispute resolution, and sales tax holiday and exemption tracking.

Download the MatrixMaster product datasheet.


Automated Tracking of Sales Tax Holidays and Exemptions
Stay ahead of sales tax holidays and exemptions with constant updates across all products and jurisdictions.
Real Time Verification
On-demand reporting helps ensure efficient and effective conflict resolution if a customer dispute does arise.
Limits POS Calculation Errors and Audit Risk
A multi-state database determines the taxability of millions of products, identifying specific product characteristics such as manufacturer, size, ingredients and packaging.
Never-ending Flow of New Products Each Month
Avalara MatrixMaster provides comprehensive coverage for national and private-labeled products.
Accuracy Across Millions of Products
Avalara MatrixMaster is the only patented sales and use tax technology that provides companies compliance down to the SKU.