Sales tax 101 for software, SaaS, and digital goods providers

Video: Learn how to build a solid foundation for software and SaaS tax compliance.

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How, when, where, and why software and digital goods are taxed is the perfect storm of complexity and contradiction, making compliance near impossible to comprehend, never mind master. Definitions of what is and isn’t taxable vary by state, as do tax rates and rules. It’s no wonder, then, that software and digital goods providers often fail to prioritize compliance.   

Taxability of software has come under great scrutiny with the sharp rise of digital products and services in recent years. States are now implementing new legislation that makes more software and digital goods taxable, and not knowing the latest rules can put you at risk of noncompliance. Learn the basics of software taxability and how your business can streamline compliance once and for all.

Our software tax expert will cover:

  • Which states have laws taxing digital goods and services 
  • How nexus laws exacerbate tax complexity
  • The tax risks software and SaaS companies can incur
  • Why manual tax management is inefficient, and automation is crucial

About the speaker

David Lingerfelt

Senior Director of North America Tax Content, Avalara

David is a tax attorney specializing in indirect taxes. David worked as a government tax administrator for seventeen years before joining Avalara. His regulatory experience includes auditing, tax controversy, collections, taxpayer education, and compliance documents processing. David leads the North America tax content research teams at Avalara. The research teams are responsible for maintaining the U.S. and Canadian tax compliance content, which includes rates, taxability rules, taxing boundaries, exemption certificates, and returns.

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