Microsoft Dynamics Sales Tax Filing with Avalara

Communications tax determination for

Calculate communications tax rates and prepare returns from within your own dedicated billing solution

Features and Benefits

Getting started is easy

Establish a direct link between AvaTax and via a prebuilt connection that allows for seamless interaction.

Multi-tenant SaaS platform

Delivering high resiliency & scale for real-time or batch processing.

Highly accurate tax determinations

With geospatial jurisdictional taxing, complex tax on tax logic, & bundling of products.

Breadth & depth of global content

Spanning wide array of communications & media products and managed services.

Streamlines compliance

With timely filing, reporting and remittance of taxes, of sales & use and FCC returns.

Automate Returns

Returns for Communications

Transaction tax returns preparation, filing, and remittance paired with a centralized online portal for easy tax compliance management with a high degree of transparency.

Automate Returns

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