4 Reasons to Get Involved in a User Group Community

4 Reasons to Get Involved in a User Group Community

What is a User Group? A user group provides software users a forum to share knowledge, best practices, and technical solutions as it pertains to the products they use and surrounding technologies so that members can utilize technology to improve their business.

Typically a user group will be geographically based to connect users with others in their area. In addition to regular local meetings, they'll typically offer happy hours, networking events, and virtual training seminars. So why should you get involved?

1. Gain Valuable Tips and Tricks and Learn Best Practices to Enhance Your Skill Set
If you attend a user group meeting, they will typically cover valuable tips presented by partners or other users. These presentations and generally the conversations you have during the meetings, will provide you with insight that will help you find better ways to use the software and help you overcome obstacles your company may be facing.

2. Learn What's Working for Other Businesses
User groups allow attendees to see how the software is being used in other companies, as everyone will implement and use solutions differently.  Attendees will learn new best practices and strategies that they can bring back to their own companies to promote greater results.

3. Guest Speakers from the Software Publisher
Learn about new and upcoming features by the software publisher to get a sneak peek at what's ahead. You'll also learn about new solutions that may help solve some of your problems directly from the team that knows the software best. Find out what new features are coming before your peers or competitors, and how you can utilize them to be one step ahead of the game.

4. Network and Mingle with Professionals and Peers
User group events allow for plenty of time to network and mingle with other users both within and outside your industry in a casual environment. Some user groups even dedicate a special hour for attendees to break into groups dependent upon their industry where they educate and learn from other users.

Business Solutions Partners hosts a number of NetSuite User Group events across the U.S. To learn more, register for one of our upcoming events or contact Michelle Cronolly.

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