March 2022 Roundup: Tax laws you need to know

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your tax compliance.

Nuts and bolts

Back taxes happen.
If you ever established nexus with a state but failed to register or collect and remit sales as required, you could owe the state back taxes. Learn more.

Can you smell this exemption coming?
The rental or sale of detection dogs could soon be exempt from Alabama sales tax. Learn more.

Though April tends to be known for income tax, it’s also one of the busiest months for sales tax rate changes. Learn more.

Every minute counts.
Small businesses spend approximately 131 hours and nearly $12,000 per month to manually manage sales and use tax compliance — and that’s getting even harder to do in an increasingly digital world. Learn more.

Every penny counts.
With groceries getting more expensive, some states are looking to reduce sales taxes on food for home consumption. Learn more.

It must be real if you can pay taxes with it.
Colorado isn’t the first state to say it will accept cryptocurrency tax payments, but it could be the first state to make such a policy stick. Learn more.

It was nice while it lasted.
Certain sales of personal protective equipment (PPE) have been exempt from tax in Virginia since March 11, 2021. Not anymore. Learn more.

One state, many sales tax rates.
Most states with a general sales tax allow local governments and special jurisdictions to impose local sales taxes. Learn more.

Sales tax compliance is an art.
The gig economy helps keep the wheels on the bus of the U.S. economy, but that doesn’t mean independent contractors catch a break when it comes to sales tax compliance. Learn more.

The pitfalls of convenience.
Because they sell so many different types of products in one place, convenience stores are convenient for customers. For the people who own and operate them, however, they’re anything but. Learn more.

You use it, you owe tax on it.
If your business has ever purchased taxable goods tax free, you could owe use tax. Learn more.

From across the pond

Going digital.
The United Kingdom is modernizing the administration and reporting of value-added tax (VAT), and the next round of changes take effect April 1, 2022. Learn more.

Tax is actually the easy bit.
Avalara has a new Senior Director of Global Indirect Tax: Alex Baulf. Learn more.

From the pump

As prices rise, taxes fall.
As filling our tanks becomes more costly, talk of gas tax holidays is getting louder. Maryland and Georgia were the first states to suspend taxes at the pump, effective immediately. Learn more.

Tax holidays all around.
Connecticut has one-upped Georgia and Maryland. In addition to a gas tax holiday, the state has waived bus fares and adopted a second sales tax holiday for clothing and footwear. Learn more.

From the tap

Just right.
Data from Rabobank shows that wine tends to be just right for ecommerce. What else do the numbers tell us? Learn more.

From the wire

Urgent, urgent, emergency.
Tethered to cell phones as many of us are, we tend to think emergency services will be able to reach us quickly no matter where we are. Yet 911 systems in many remote areas aren’t capable of communicating with our phones. Learn more

Taxing online sales

Fight for the right.
Even as Maryland prepares to collect the first round of revenue from its new digital advertising tax, it’s fighting for the right to enforce the tax. Learn more.

Still waiting.
Restaurant-mobile apps may have made it easier for consumers to order food for delivery, but they haven’t simplified tax compliance for businesses. Learn more.

The dangers of double-checking.
Though Missouri is on track to tax remote online sales in 2023, lawmakers are seeking to amend the state constitution to clarify that online transactions are subject to sales tax. Learn more.

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