July 2023 Roundup: Tax laws you need to know 

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your tax compliance. 

Nuts and bolts

Delivery fees in the Mitten State. As of April 26, 2023, delivery charges and installation fees are exempt from sales and use tax in the state of Michigan if the seller meets certain conditions. Learn more about the new law and what a seller in the Mitten State can do to save on delivery charges.

A write-up about write-offs. You likely know that business owners can take advantage of tax deductions to ease their tax burden, but how does the process work? Can you benefit from state and local sales tax deductions?

Big mistakes for small businesses. You probably didn’t get into business for yourself to become a tax expert. Good news — with the Avalara Tax Desk on your side, you don’t have to be. Avoid these five common sales tax registration mistakes that small businesses tend to make.

The best of intentions. A new bill in Massachusetts is seeking to establish a sales tax exemption for clothing and other items intended to be used by children five years of age and under. But how would an exemption that hinges on intention work? 

Back to cool. Back-to-school season often means back-to-school sales tax holidays. One of two tax-free weekends for school supplies in Puerto Rico happens in mid-July, when shoppers save on uniforms and more. Learn what else qualifies for the tax holiday exemptions and mark your calendar for the next one

High-tech solutions Did your business expand its sales channels during the COVID-19 pandemic? You might find you’ve encountered some issues related to business-to-business or direct-to-consumer sales. We have good news, though — technology can help overcome some of those obstacles

Sales tax sticker shock. Have you ever bought a souvenir keychain on vacation only to be surprised at the register when the total is much higher than you’d anticipated? State sales tax rates vary, but they generally serve the same purpose. Find out what businesses need to know about sales and use tax and which states have the highest rates.

What can your ecommerce platform do? As online sales become more of a necessity in today’s retail environment, you should choose an ecommerce platform that works for you, especially when it comes to calculating sales tax, managing product taxability, and keeping up with exempt sales.

Easier e-invoicing. More countries, including Malaysia, are introducing e-invoicing requirements. Get the download on electronic invoicing and find out how Avalara makes the process easier for Oracle Fusion users

This post fits in a quart-sized plastic baggie. Summer has a lot of jet-setters making travel plans. But if they’re booking through an online travel agency, someone has to collect and remit taxes on those services. Find out what you need to know about tax obligations for online travel agencies.

No sales tax, no problem? There are five states with no general statewide sales tax, but that doesn’t mean businesses there are off the hook for any kind of tax. Here’s what you need to know about the NOMAD states

From the property tax desk

Property tax in the panhandle. If you own a property or business in Florida, you might be familiar with Florida property taxes. Learn why property tax is important and how Avalara can help you simplify the compliance process.

Don’t mess with property taxes. Owning or managing a property in Texas means keeping up with local property tax policies and deadlines. Get your guide to property taxes in the Lone Star State.

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