State sales tax rate

Base state sales tax rate 4.225%
Local rate range 0%-5.875%
Total rate range 4.225%-10.1%

* While the base rate applies statewide, it’s only a starting point for calculating sales tax in Missouri. For an accurate tax rate for each jurisdiction, add other applicable local rates on top of the base rate.

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Need fast access to the current sales tax rates in Missouri? Get them here. The Missouri tax rate table includes county tax rates, city tax rates, and more in a .CSV file organized by ZIP code.

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Missouri sales tax basics

The Missouri (MO) state sales tax rate is currently 4.225%. Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 10.1%.

Missouri allows all state and local sales taxes to be remitted together at the state level. Once a seller remits sales tax to the Department of Revenue, the department will then distribute the local sales taxes to the cities, counties, and districts.

Missouri charges what is called a Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT), considered a sales tax on all sellers for the privilege of engaging in business in the state of Missouri. So additional fees on a sale, such as administrative fees for a service such as auction fees, can be considered taxable.


How to register to collect sales tax in Missouri

If you need to collect sales tax in Missouri, first you need to register your business. Learn what steps you need to take to register in Missouri.

How to file sales tax returns in Missouri

Now that you’ve registered and you’re collecting sales tax in Missouri, find out how to file, or remit, your sales tax. Get answers to your common sales tax filing questions.

Deadlines for filing sales tax returns in Missouri

Check on the sales tax filing deadlines for Missouri. Get the dates for filing annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Missouri Sales Tax Rate by County

Are you looking for tax rates within a certain county? We have a list of all the counties in Missouri along with their sales tax rate.


Missouri Sales Tax Rates by City

Each city or town in Missouri may charge additional sales tax. Find the local tax rate for each city.

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