Texas sales tax

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Texas state sales tax rate

Base state sales tax rate 6.25%
Local rate range* 0.125%–2%
Total rate range* 6.375%–8.25%

* Due to varying local sales tax rates, we strongly recommend using our Texas sales tax calculator to determine the exact sales tax rate for your location.

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Texas sales tax information

The state sales tax rate in Texas (TX) is currently 6.25%. Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 8.25%.

At the local levels, Texas city tax rates can range from 0.25%–2%; county tax rates vary from 0.5%–1.5%; transit tax rates from 0.25%–1%; and special purpose district tax rates from 0.125%–2%. However, the combined rate of local sales and use taxes cannot exceed 2%, making the highest possible combined tax rate 8.25%.

Not all Texas cities and counties have a local code. Cities and counties without a local code do not charge a local sales and use tax. An example of the complexity of Texas state law is Spring, Texas. Spring is unincorporated but is located within a special purpose district. Local sales and use tax collected is not reported to Spring but to one of two possible tax jurisdictions.

Amazon owns and operates several fulfillment centers in Texas. This physical presence, or nexus, creates a sales tax obligation for Amazon and many sellers participating in Amazon’s Seller Central and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) programs.

Texas sales tax is imposed on the retail sale, lease, and rental of most goods and many services. Anyone engaged in these areas of business is required to register with the state and collect and remit Texas sales tax.

Texas Sales Tax Rate Guide

Texas sales tax guide for businesses

Our free, online guide covers all aspects of managing Texas sales tax compliance. Topics include:

  • Business registration
  • Collecting sales tax
  • Filing sales tax returns
  • State nexus obligations
  • And more!

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Local Texas sales tax rates

City County State Sales Tax Rate County Sales Tax Rate City Sales Tax Rate Special Sales Tax Rate Total Sales Tax Rate
Houston Fort Bend County 6.25% 0.00% 1.00% 1.00% 8.25%
San Antonio Bexar County 6.25% 0.00% 1.25% 0.75% 8.25%
Dallas Collin County 6.25% 0.00% 1.00% 1.00% 8.25%
Austin Hays County 6.25% 0.00% 1.00% 1.00% 8.25%
Fort Worth Tarrant County 6.25% 0.00% 1.00% 1.00% 8.25%
El Paso El Paso County 6.25% 0.50% 0.00% 0.50% 7.25%
Arlington Tarrant County 6.25% 0.00% 1.75% Specify Address 8.00% (1)
Corpus Christi Nueces County 6.25% 0.00% 1.375% 0.625% 8.25%
Plano Collin County 6.25% 0.00% 1.00% 1.00% 8.25%
Laredo Webb County 6.25% 0.50% 1.25% 0.25% 8.25%
  1. In some Texas cities, special sales tax rates depend on the exact street address. Use our sales tax calculator below to determine your exact rate.

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