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Every year, state auditors collect millions of dollars in tax liabilities from companies due to missing, invalid and expired compliance documentation. With a deep knowledge of state rules and requirements on exemption certificates, federal withholding forms, and excise business licenses, Avalara’s Managed Services team knows how to keep organizations audit-ready.

Organizations outsource their day-to-day compliance activities to our Managed Services team to help them be more efficient and compliant. Our Managed Services team takes care of the tedious work in managing compliance documents, so your team can focus on strategic activities, such as defining and enforcing tax policies.

Increase Efficiency and Compliance

While you focus on your core business, our trained exemption experts manage compliance through a four-step process.


As compliance documentation is submitted, the Managed Services team enters required data directly into CertCapture, ExciseCapture or VendorCapture for you. It is automatically stored and indexed in a secure database you can access at any time.


While loading data and documents, our compliance professionals ensure all certificates, licenses and forms are complete and valid. Because these specialists are trained in identifying missing or incorrect information, you can rest assured that any invalid documents will be identified for follow-up.


Using a combination of email, print and fax to meet different communication preferences, campaigns are developed to collect up-to-date information for expired and invalid documents. This part of the process is guided by proven best practices to speed up response time and reduce audit exposure.

Report and Analyze

An intuitive dashboard and reporting engine makes it easy to quickly locate and analyze customer and document information. You can view and update information online, or export it for deeper analysis and integration with third party tools.

Outsource Compliance Document Management

Avalara’s Managed Services team is ready to handle compliance documentation operations to help minimize your audit exposure from missing, invalid and expired documentation. Outsourcing to the compliance documentation specialists allows you to focus on your core business, leading to increased efficiencies, cost savings and compliance as well as reduced audit risk.

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In a recent survey* conducted by TechValidate to Avalara Managed Services customers, 71% of surveyed Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies gained the full-time equivalent workload of 1.5 people after partnering with us.

This means organizations would need to hire and train at least one full-time employee to achieve the same level of work accomplished by our specialized compliance document experts.

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Visit our Resource Center to watch our Managed Services webinar, Outsourcing Compliance Document Management.

*Source: TechValidate. TVID: D37-EA0-E51

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