Sales tax expert assistance for your needs.

Whether your business needs tax registration services, nexus analysis, voluntary disclosure, audit management or specialized tax research or professional services such as data transformation, tax service implementation or exemption certificate managed services, ProfessionalServices puts the right expertise in your hands.

Our team consists of sales and use tax industry experts, former state auditors, database specialists and tax technicians who are committed to assisting you in everything from tax research to special projects and exemption certificate managed services. Collectively, our team is here to guide you through the maze of sales and use tax decisions and help you achieve outstanding results from your transactional tax technology investment.

Find out how ProfessionalServices delivers technology solutions and project assistance to your business in order to transform your sales and use tax responsibilities into a cost-saving management process that ensures accuracy, reduces risk and increases efficiency.

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Tax Service Implementation

Avalara AvaTax implementation and project management. Including an onsite implementation engineer/analyst, testing, configuration, and training for your staff.

Specialized Tax Research

Research needed to determine taxability or how sales and use tax will affect a company buyout.

Voluntary Compliance Initiatives

If it is determined that you indeed have had Nexus in a state where you should have been filing, we can help you through a voluntary disclosure agreement and get you back on track.

Nexus Studies and Analysis

Comprehensive study to determine which states you should be filing and remitting sales tax in.

Tax Registration Services

New business registration and deregistration, along with name change (entity changes/structure changes)

Audit Management

Audit representation before, during and after an audit occurs.