Active Commerce

Active Commerce and Avalara: Partners in Full Compliance and Automation

Platform: Sitecore

Say goodbye to disparate platforms. It's time to get on one unified platform, capable of personalizing content for every customer!

It's this commitment to providing our customers with one solution that led us to partner with Avalara to provide a fully integrated ecommerce and sales tax compliance solution. With Active Commerce and Avalara AvaTax you have the power to easily manage complex sales tax with the flip of a switch. No change to your workflow, no new system to learn—and activation only takes minutes.

Avalara Avatax for Active Commerce is pre-built and all you have to do is turn it on! With AvaTax, you get:

- Instant sales tax calculation as the transaction takes place with a secure, encrypted connection

- Instant integration! Avatax is built into Active Commerce

- The Avatax Accuracy Guarantee

With Active Commerce and Avalara AvaTax you can easily manage the entire order lifecycle, while handling the full spectrum of tax compliance: No more researching product/service taxability across every state and more than 200 countries, or scrambling to file and remit taxes on time. Avalara AvaTax automates every step of the way and shoulders the burden.

Avalara AvaTax processes over 4 billion transactions, while guaranteeing 100% accuracy and 0% guesswork. With a robust suite of reports, Avalara AvaTax is like having a tax expert at your fingertips. We research the rates and rules so you don't have to.

Together, Active Commerce and Avalara AvaTax provide large merchants a fully integrated, easy-to-use solution for commerce and tax compliance.

Sitecore Integration by: Active Commerce

Active Commerce provides fully integrated product catalog and e-commerce functionality for Sitecore, so that developers and content administrators alike get to work within one unified platform for content, marketing and commerce. It’s the only e-commerce solution that has true experience management capability built in, allowing you to take advantage of Sitecore’s proven tools required to run successful digital experiences, including Marketing Automation, Experience Management, Business Analytics, Product Information Management, and Digital Asset Management.


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