Apttus and Avalara AvaTax: Deep Capability, Fast

Platform: Apttus

Apttus E-Commerce fully supports global e-commerce for complex products and pricing models across multiple channels on a single platform. Apttus leverages the solution allows sales organizations to easily configure product offerings and deliver consistent products, prices, and promotions across all channels.

Yet even with the ability to customize countless modules within Apttus for Salesforce, sales tax can be an onerous and error-prone activity. Currently, Apttus customers are required to manually research and maintain rates, taking valuable staff time away from revenue-generating activities.

Fortunately, Apttus and Avalara have partnered to automate sales tax within a robust ecommerce platform. Avalara AvaTax for Apttus automatically performs address validation, sales tax jurisdiction research, and rate calculation -- all on the fly within the current accounting system, with no change to your existing workflow.

apttus Integration by: Apttus

Apttus was formed to deliver the promise of enterprise class application capability, but very rapidly and with high value. Apttus has combined business domain expertise with the Salesforce1 and provides modules with rich functionality. Apttus’ goal is to provide organizations with an alternative and significantly better way to automate business functions in a way that maps more closely to the needs of organizations.


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