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Infor Syteline and AvaTax: End-to-End Sales Tax Compliance for Manufacturers

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Infor Syteline provides the foundation for discrete manufacturers to improve business efficiency, customer service, and productivity. Syteline was designed with tight integration tools for sales and customer relationships, production, accounting and financial, and human resources.

Increasing complexity and competition within manufacturing is forcing new forms of innovation. Best in class manufacturers are always looking for ways to personalize their enterprise resource planning system and streamline time-consuming business processes. One common area businesses can look to automate is sales tax.

Building static Tax Systems in Syteline is an extremely manual process and assumes that the defaults in the form have been entered accurately. Manual processes such as filling out Tax Parameters leave a lot of room for error, and have no way of updating themselves automatically if there is a change. Sales tax is a tedious, complex problem and can take time away from profit-generating activities.

Fortunatley, Infor Syteline and Avalara AvaTax have partnered, allowing Syteline users to streamline their tax compliance process, saving time, reducing errors, and cutting costs. AvaTax uses advanced geo-location technology to generate sales tax information with rooftop-level precision. Learn more about Avalara AvaTax: schedule a live demonstration today.

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“Avalara AvaTax connects easily with Syteline ERP to deliver a robust sales tax automation tool.”
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Infor SyteLine Integration by: Infor Global Solutions


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