Infor M3

Infor M3 and AvaTax seamlessly integrate to help businesses meet their strategic goals.

Platform: Infor

Ciber's Infor M3 is an Equipment Deployment Solution that covers the full cycle of equipment software implementation and support. This solution utilizes proven project management methodologies and comprehensive implementation services.

Unfortunately, Infor M3 users still have trouble calculating sales tax. Not only is it a manual, error-prone process but keeping track of changing rates, rules and boundaries is a difficult, time-consuming task.

Luckily, Infor M3 has partnered with Avalara's AvaTax. AvaTax calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping. It's automated process removes the necessity for businesses to keep up with ongoing changes at both state and federal levels.

Infor M3 Integration by: Ciber - Infor M3

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