Kenandy and AvaTax transform businesses with innovative, automated software.

Platform: Kenandy

Kenandy is a cloud ERP platform for business transformation. Midsize companies and large enterprises alike benefit from Kenandy's easy to use platform designed to help businesses grow and change by automating core business processes.

However, Kenandy users still experience difficulties when calculating sales tax as it remains a manual, error-prone process. Keeping up with state to state rates, rules and boundaries has made compliance difficult when selling large quantities across the US.

Fortunately, Kenandy has partnered with Avalara, integrating AvaTax into their automated platform. AvaTax calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping- accurate down to rooftop level.

Kenandy Integration by: Kenandy

Kenandy was founded in 2010 by Sandra Kurtzig who began with ASK Computer Systems in 1972. Seeing great opportunity in the cloud, Kurtzig built the ERP system on the salesforce platform. The salesforce platform met the needs of businesses operating today with it's mobile, global and social framework. While handles the platform, Kenandy continues to build global enterprise management solutions.


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