Multisoft and Avalara: Built in Sales Tax Accuracy

Platform: MarketPowerPRO

MarketPowerPRO is point and click MLM software provided by MultiSoft Corporation that empowers companies to run 24x7x365 without relying on webmasters, designers or techies.

MultiSoft and MarketPowerPRO partnered with Avalara to bring sales tax solutions to a complicated industry which has distributors in every state of the USA and worldwide selling a range of products and services that at any time can have a multitude of varying tax calculations on a single order. The MarketPowerPRO shopping cart, kit building and refund systems were completely overhauled to take advantage of the robustness of the Avalara tax solutions.

Avalara AvaTax calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping -- accurate down to the rooftop level. It works with an extension that plugs into MarketPowerPro, so your buyers get an accurate calculation automatically on every shopping cart checkout. To find out more about AvaTax contact us today about scheduling a live demonstration.

MarketPowerPRO Integration by: MultiSoft Corporation

MultiSoft Corporation is a group of dedicated professionals focused on providing superlative products and services to the network marketing and direct sales industries.


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