Sage 50

Fast, Accurate Sales Tax Automation with Avalara and Sage 50 developed by Multiware!

Platform: Sage 50

AvaTax for Sage 50: quick, accurate sales tax automation for Sage 50 users!

The AvaTax for Sage 50 connector is a simple to use tool that provides a bridge between the Sage 50 (US edition) accounting system you already know and Avalara’s powerful AvaTax online service. Together the Avalara AvaTax service and the AvaTax for Sage 50 connector provide a fully integrated, easy-to-use solution for commerce and tax compliance.

The AvaTax for Sage 50 connector is a Windows-based application which:

• Provides a batch mechanism for calculating and updating the correct tax on Sage 50 sales invoices, sales orders, proposals, quotes, receipts, returns, and credit memos.

• Automatically uploads transaction data to the Avalara AvaTax online service.

• Allows you select which transactions to commit for tax return processing.

• Lets you assign specific tax codes to each Sage 50 Item Id and shipping method.

• Lets you assign individual entity/use codes to each customer.

• Lets you specify customer-specific exemption codes.

• Lets you validate and correct customer and vendor addresses.

Avalara AvaTax processes over 4 billion transactions, while guaranteeing 100% accuracy and no guesswork. With a robust suite of reports, Avalara AvaTax is like having a tax expert at your fingertips. We research the rates and rules so you don't have to. Together, Sage 50 by Multiware and Avalara AvaTax provide  a fully integrated, easy-to-use solution for commerce and tax compliance.

What are you waiting for? Turn on the AvaTax integration for Sage 50 developed by Multiware today!

Sage 50 Integration Developed by: Multiware, Inc.

The AvaTax for Sage 50 connector was developed by Multiware in partnership with Avalara. Multiware has been providing programming tools and custom applications for extending the functionality of Sage 50 and Peachtree accounting and also data repair services for over 20 years.


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