Workarea and AvaTax are simple solutions serving growing retailers across the globe.

Platform: Workarea

Workarea is a Commerce platform from Weblinc that creates simple solutions for the requirements of omnichannel commerce. Their simple solutions cater to retail needs and includes Product Management, Content Management, Order Management, Customer Management, and Multi-Site Management.

However, their simplistic design has not yet carried over to the area of sales tax calculation. Users are struggling with an age-old manual process that is prone to error. Furthermore, tracking rates, rules and boundaries is difficult from state to state especially with ongoing changes at both the state and federal levels.

Luckily, WebLinc and Avalara have partnered up. Workarea is now integrating AvaTax, an automated system that calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping - accurate down to rooftop level.

Workarea Integration by: WebLinc

Workarea from Weblinc is the commerce platform and service provider for the world's fastest growing retailers -- an industry-leading platform that tailors its solutions to the unique needs of businesses and their customers. Not only do they focus on the overall online shopping experience but WebLinc is constantly updating merchandising tools, discount and promotion engines, and recurring order tools. Their innovative system helps increase traffic and drive sales.


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