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Guide to selling extras to your vacation rental guests

Offering extras to your guests to purchase can take some thought and preparation. But if done right, can enhance the guest experience and generate extra income for you....Continued

How to host pets at your short-term vacation rental

Discover why you might want to consider allowing pets at your property, along with best practices to help avoid negative experiences for you and your pet-loving guests....Continued

The things we forget – a vacation rental checklist

All of the issues that happen every day in vacation rentals around the world could be avoided by implementing a few simple systems....Continued

New Arizona law requires all online short-term vacation rental platforms to collect lodging tax

The new rules are designed to level the playing field for companies voluntarily collecting taxes, companies not collecting, and brick-and-mortar businesses....Continued

From tree houses to tiny homes, creative inspiration for your Airbnb

All kinds of properties are offered up on the site for guests looking for a unique vacation rental experience...Continued

Bicycle options to consider for your short-term rental guests

In celebration of National Bike Month, we wanted to take a look at options for providing environmentally friendly transportation for your short-term rental guests...Continued

Airbnb starts collecting short-term rental taxes in Pasadena, California, on May 1

Airbnb will collect transient occupancy tax for its hosts. New rules also require hosts to live in the rental property at least nine months out of the year...Continued

Tennessee lawmakers pass bill limiting cities’ powers over short-term rentals

The Tennessee General Assembly has passed a bill that restricts how far cities can go in placing bans on short-term vacation rentals. The bill now goes to Gov. Bill Haslam, whose office said that he w...Continued

How to set yourself up for successful rental management

Learn from successful vacation rental owners and hosts to prepare for any eventuality and have systems in place to manage your business professionally...Continued

Understanding how Airbnb tax collection happens (or doesn’t)

Since Airbnb only collects lodging taxes on behalf of hosts for jurisdictions with which it has an agreement, it may not collect all of the taxes you owe...Continued