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Is Airbnb taxable?

Hosts need to keep in mind that running a short-term rental is a business. And where there’s business, regulations and taxes aren’t too far behind. ...Continued

Washington, D.C., passes strict new short-term rental law

The new rules prohibit tenants from renting out their units through online booking platforms and require short-term rental operators to be licensed....Continued

New York City cracks down on illegal short-term rentals in raid

A new ordinance could also make it easier for the city to find out whether short-term rental hosts are living up to their lodging tax obligations. ...Continued

Voters weigh in on short-term rental issues in Maui, California, and Maine

Short-term rental proposals appeared on ballots in Maui, South Lake Tahoe and Pacific Grove, California, and South Portland, Maine....Continued

San Francisco fines landlords $2.25 million for illegal Airbnbs

More and more cities have their eye on short-term rentals and the thorny issues of how to regulate them, reap tax revenues from the growing industry, and enforce the rules....Continued

San Antonio passes new short-term rental law

New rules go into effect immediately, though short-term rental operators have 90 days to register with the city. ...Continued

Who collects Airbnb lodging taxes?

How does the tax get from the guest to the government? It’s important for short-term rental hosts to know the rules....Continued

Colorado Springs passes new Airbnb rules

The new laws require operators to follow neighborhood rules in response to concerns about issues such as noise, traffic, and parking. ...Continued

San Diego repeals strict new short-term rental law

The vote takes San Diego back to where it was before the law was passed in August, with no enforced regulation on short-term rentals after years of debate. ...Continued

Short-term rental taxes to rise in two Hawaii counties

Starting January 1, Kauai County and Hawaii County will add local surcharges to the state general excise tax....Continued