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10 tips for short-term rental hosts: a lodging tax checklist

Here’s a checklist hosts can follow to make sure they’re properly managing their lodging tax obligations — and avoiding the hassle, fines, and penalties that can come with noncompliance. ...Continued

San Antonio vacation rental hosts face February 11 registration deadline

The measure requires short-term rental operators to register for Hotel Occupancy Tax collection, register for a city permit, and pay a $100 fee, with a $100 renewal fee every three years....Continued

The basics of lodging taxes for property managers of short-term rentals

Here are some general principles about short-term rental lodging taxes to help you get started on building your expertise as a property manager....Continued

New year brings changes to short-term rental rules

Communities across the country have passed laws that went into effect starting January 1, and short-term rental hosts should be aware of the changes. ...Continued

South Lake Tahoe City Council reacts to lawsuit, court order on new short-term rental rules

The Council wants to move forward with phasing out short-term rentals in residential areas, while delaying enforcement of stricter occupancy rules....Continued

Massachusetts to start taxing short-term rentals

Starting July 1, short-term rentals in Massachusetts must register with the state and hosts must collect the state room occupancy tax from guests and remit it to the state. ...Continued

HomeAway, VRBO to collect taxes on bookings in Arizona, Iowa, and Kansas beginning January 1

HomeAway and VRBO will start collecting lodging tax for its hosts in Arizona, Iowa, and Kansas on January 1....Continued

Summit County, Colorado, passes new short-term rental law

New rules go into effect immediately, but will not be enforced until June 30, 2019. Short-term rental operators must apply for a permit by June 1. ...Continued

How occupancy taxes work

Transient occupancy taxes are levied on facilities that provide accommodations for customers. The obvious model is a hotel or motel. But that might be the only thing that’s obvious about these taxes....Continued

Los Angeles City Council passes new Airbnb rules

New regulations limit short-term rentals to the operator’s primary residence and hosts may only operate one short-term rental at a time....Continued