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Pakistani VAT COVID-19 measures

  • Jun 26, 2020 | Richard Asquith

26 June - Sindh Sales Tax returns due on 18 June may be filed by 2 July 2020. Any taxes due must be remitted by 29 June. Balochistan has prolonged the filing deadline to 28 June without a payment extension.

16 June - retailers using the point-of-sale cash register reporting process will enjoy a sales tax rate cut from 14% to 12%. The standard rate is 17%.

18 May - Sales Tax filings has been further extended to 30 May from 15 May. The payment deadline is 27 May.

5 May - Jan, Feb and sales tax returns delayed again to 15 May. All payments delayed to 12 May.

23 April - sales tax deadlines have been extended further. The Federal Board of Revenue has confirmed returns are due 30 April. Payments are now due 27 April.

4 April update - payment of the sales tax return has been delayed again, this time to 12 April instead of 31 March.

The Pakistani Federal Board of Revenue has moved the filing deadlines for sales tax to assist businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. The January and February 2020 returns are now both due by 15 April 2020. The payment deadlines for the February sales tax return is postponed to 31 March instead of the 15 March.

Taxpayers may also pay sales tax due through internet banking or mobile phones.

Further sales taxes cuts on basic foodstuffs are expected.

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Richard Asquith
VP Global Indirect Tax Richard Asquith
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