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Tennessee to tax out-of-state sales starting July 1, 2019

After years of keeping its sales tax economic nexus law on ice, Tennessee is ready to enforce it....Continued

U.S. Supreme Court ruling could thwart state attempts to block other states' remote sales tax laws

A recent Supreme Court decision could make it harder for a state to shield businesses from an obligation to collect sales tax in another state. ...Continued

AvaTax API 19.5 Patch Notes

This article is about the May 2019 monthly update to the AvaTax API....Continued

Manjula Muthukrishnan Joins Avalara as Managing Director of India

Avalara today announced the appointment of Manjula Muthukrishnan as managing director of Avalara Technologies Private, Ltd., Avalara’s Indian subsidiary....Continued

Marketplace facilitators to collect single sales tax rate on behalf of sellers in Texas

Texas may soon require marketplace facilitators to collect sales tax and establish a single local sales and use tax rate....Continued

Oklahoma mixes new economic nexus law with old reporting option for marketplace facilitators

Oklahoma is poised to mix and match old and new remote seller sales tax laws....Continued

Florida to have two sales tax holidays in 2019

Florida is poised to provide two tax-free periods this year....Continued

Iowa removes transaction threshold for out-of-state sellers

Iowa is simplifying sales and use tax compliance for remote sellers....Continued

Avalara Announces 17 Newly Certified Integrations into Business Applications

Avalara today announced the release of 17 newly certified integrations with accounting, ERP, ecommerce, point-of-sale, mobile commerce, and CRM software applications....Continued

Marketplace facilitators to collect Indiana sales tax on behalf of sellers

Indiana will require marketplace facilitators to collect sales tax on behalf of third-party sellers starting July 1, 2019....Continued