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Congress moves to restrict states’ ability to tax remote sales, again

Congress periodically tries to restrict states' right to tax remote sales. Its latest effort is the Online Sales Simplicity and Small Business Relief Act....Continued

Marketplaces to collect sales tax on behalf of their sellers in 11 more states, and counting

In states with a marketplace law, marketplace providers are responsible for sales tax on all sales made through the platform. ...Continued

Is your tax solution keeping up with the challenge of changing sales tax laws?

To comply with ever-growing sales tax collection obligations, you need a sales tax compliance solution that can grow and adapt with you. ...Continued

The CRUSH Files: Why Avalara customers keep returning to CRUSH

Avalara customers explain why they return year after year for networking, education, training, and fun at #AvalaraCRUSH....Continued

New Mexico to tax out-of-state sellers and marketplace providers, July 2019

New Mexico is the latest of more than 35 states to adopt economic nexus and impose a sales tax collection requirement on remote sellers....Continued

Avalara’s AvaTax API is code for "get tax right"

Try our fast and easy developer demo of Avalara’s transaction tax API....Continued

Louisiana lawmakers introduce new internet sales tax bill

Louisiana has never enforced the remote seller sales tax law it adopted in June 2018. Now it's looking to create a new law....Continued

California remote sales tax limbo – Wacky Tax Wednesday

New sales and use tax collection requirements are now in effect for both in-state and out-of-state sellers, but the California Legislature may soon change those requirements. ...Continued

Rhode Island imposes new sales tax collection requirement on out-of-state sellers and marketplace facilitators

Rhode Island has a new remote seller sales tax law, putting it more in line with what many states have done since Wayfair....Continued

Marketplace providers to collect New York sales tax for third-party sellers, September 2019

New York is one of more than 20 states considering a sales tax collection requirement for marketplace facilitators. ...Continued