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How California’s remote sales tax law will impact California businesses

California's new remote sales tax policy can affect in-state businesses as well....Continued

California will tax sales by out-of-state sellers starting April 1, 2019

After months of deliberation, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration has come up with a response to South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc....Continued

Washington, DC to tax remote internet sales

Like many states, Washington, D.C. is working toward taxing sales by remote retailers....Continued

The CRUSH Files: A conversation with the minds behind this year's conference

Avalara employees explain why CRUSH19 will play a mission-critical role in helping attendees better understand the tectonic changes taking place in the world of tax compliance....Continued

Colorado offers a period of grace for those that need it

Significant sales tax changes took effect in Colorado on December 1, 2018. Businesses needing more time to comply with these new rules now have it. ...Continued

Not all states want marketplace facilitators to collect tax. Some just want information.

Not all states want marketplace facilitators to play tax collector. Some want the facilitator to identify marketplace sellers so they can contact those sellers directly....Continued

Integrated tax management helps reduce risk, streamlines operations for energy companies

Integrating tax management for excise tax and sales and use taxes is a requirement for energy companies to keep up with today’s complex tax environment. ...Continued

Pennsylvania to tax craft brews starting July 2019

Manufacturers of malt and brewed beverages in Pennsylvania will be required to charge tax on all their brews starting July 1, 2019. Yet other retailers don’t tax their retail sales of malt or brewed b...Continued

Avalara CRUSH19 gives developers a voice in shaping product success

Now in its fourth year, CRUSH provides a forum for developers to join the conversation about where transaction tax compliance technology is headed....Continued

Why did the taxpayer cross the road? Wacky Tax Wednesday

Special districts in Kansas usually cover very specific address ranges: The rate in effect at odd-numbered addresses on a street may be different from the rate in effect at even-numbered addresses. ...Continued