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Sales tax, income tax, and use tax: What are the main differences?

Here’s a quick primer you might find helpful whether you’re just getting your business started, you’re making changes, or you simply want a refresher....Continued

Australian consumers suffer limited shopping over taxes

Australia’s decision to tax all sales by foreign online retailers is in line with similar efforts in other countries, as well as efforts by American states to tax sales by out-of-state sellers. ...Continued

How sales tax impacts company growth: Interview with Jerome Kaiser, CFO, SeneGence

Patrick O’Leary sat down with Jerome Kaiser, CPA and CFO of SeneGence to discuss sales tax from the perspective of the CFO of a fast-growing company....Continued

A Cyber Holiday Checklist

Checklist: Get psyched for cyber holidays: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and more....Continued

Vehicle telematics and communications tax: What's next for the consumer auto industry?

There are many tax implications vehicle manufacturers and telematics service providers need to be aware of. Here's what every consumer segment tax team needs to know to stay competitive and compliant....Continued

Should you be charging sales tax on more than just your products?

Do you need to charge tax on more than just your product? What about things like shipping, or gift packaging? Depending on the state, those might be taxable, too....Continued

2018 sales tax changes: mid-year update

The impact of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. is important — OK, huge — but it shouldn’t eclipse all other sales tax news. ...Continued

Avalara Certifies 34 Technology Partner Integrations to Automate Tax Calculations and Management

Avalara Certified partners have met the criteria developed by Avalara to guarantee each integration’s performance and reliability. ...Continued

Call for sales tax simplification

NetChoice wants states to simplify tax administration for remote retailers....Continued

Another record-setting Prime Day

Small and midsize businesses were among the biggest beneficiaries of Prime Day; those companies did sales of well over $1 billion....Continued