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Avalara Ranked One of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500™

Avalara attributes 158 percent revenue growth to technology innovations and global changing tax regulations....Continued

Anchorage looks at taxing alcohol sales

Although Alaska has no general sales tax, localities can levy local sales taxes as they see fit. The mayor of Anchorage thinks it's time to tax sales of alcohol....Continued

Not all states are equal: The 10 trickiest states for filing sales tax

Every year, Avalara files over 1 million sales tax returns for our customers. In our experience, there are 10 states with particularly challenging requirements for filing and remittance. ...Continued

New Mexico offers delinquent taxpayers a fresh start

New Mexico is currently offering a tax amnesty program for taxpayers with underreported or unreported taxes....Continued

Floridians oppose increasing state taxes but approve local sales tax hikes

Though it just got harder to increase state taxes in Florida, local sales taxes are on the rise....Continued

States actively seek non-compliant remote sellers

How do states find out-of-state companies that should have a sales tax permit, but don’t? They go looking for them. ...Continued

Coloradans reject state sales tax hike

The people of Colorado have voted against a proposed state sales tax rate increase, which would have raised revenue for transportation improvements....Continued

Arizona bans sales tax on services

Services not already subject to tax in Arizona can't be taxed now....Continued

Taxable and exempt fitness fees in Tennessee – Who’s fit to be taxed? – Wacky Tax Wednesday

You wouldn’t pay tax on a class that teaches you how to teach yoga in Tennessee, but you’d have to charge tax on the yoga classes you offer once you’re certified....Continued

Local soda taxes now prohibited in Washington

As in California, local soda taxes are now prohibited in Washington....Continued