How to create a great mobile payment journey

How to create a great mobile payment journey

Mail order first brought retail into the home; ecommerce delivered Main Street; and now mobile commerce (mcommerce) is taking consumers back out into the world with buying power in hand. Retailers that don’t want to miss this retail wave need to create a great mobile payment journey to earn buyers’ trust.

But what makes a great mobile payment journey?

To be successful, mobile payments must be part of a seamless mobile shopping experience, not the clunky nightmare it once was. Hard-to-read product descriptions lead to a frustrating non-mobile optimized checkout and a high rate of shopping cart abandonment. Mobile shoppers want product pages to be easy to see and simple to navigate, with clear pricing.

Another reason people leave shopping carts by the wayside: unexpected fees at checkout. This often occurs with international sales, thanks to customs duty and import tax. Sacha Wilson, Avalara’s Director of Sales for EMEA, notes that 42 percent of shoppers in Canada have abandoned an overseas shopping cart because of a lack of clarity around extra fees.

Consumers also seek an efficient login process, with excellent security. Returning customers want an up-to-date user profile and instant checkout. Communication should be clear with respect to payment options, shipping, and tracking. Support services should actually provide support. Security is paramount.

The more people depend on their smartphones, the more it behooves retailers to streamline mcommerce sites. According to Pew Research Center, one in five American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users, meaning they have a mobile phone but no computer at home. And 58.9 percent of worldwide ecommerce sales in 2018 occurred from mobile phones, a number that’s on the rise.

Avalara partner Worldpay, a payments provider operating in 146 countries and 126 currencies, has created an interactive infographic exploring trends in customer mobile payment journeys. 16,000 people in 10 countries shared their expectations for mobile payment. Leading mcommerce experts in the field offer tips, commentary, and examples of best practices. The report provides helpful information for new and existing online retailers looking to grow sales and improve conversation rates.

Download the report today.

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