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As short-term rentals get back to business, regulators do too

While pandemic shutdowns put debates about rules for short-term rentals on hold, now that vacation rentals are getting back to business, cities are resurrecting proposals for regulation....Continued

Appeals court rules against Miami Beach vacation rental fines

A Florida appeals court ruled against the city of Miami Beach in a case that challenged the city’s heavy fines for short-term rental law violations. ...Continued

Expedia, San Diego union reach pact on short-term rentals

The memorandum of understanding between Expedia Group and Unite Here Local 30 outlines a plan for keeping some short-term rentals legal but reducing their number, and legalizing home sharing....Continued

Vrbo, Airbnb make deal with Kauai to crack down on illegal short-term rentals

The Kauai agreements are the latest example of cooperation between short-term rental platforms and government agencies after years of legal battles around regulation. ...Continued

New Long Beach law requires short-term rentals to get permits, collect tax

The City Council of Long Beach, California, has legalized vacation rentals for the first time with a new law that establishes rules for their operation....Continued

Judge rules in favor of short-term rental owner in suit against New York City

The justice in the case ruled that renting out one- and two-family homes for short-term stays is legal and ordered the city to return the fines to the plaintiff....Continued

Maui, Big Island, Kauai reopen short-term rentals to guests not under quarantine

Short-term rentals have resumed operations in three Hawaiian counties while in Palm Beach County, Florida, officials hold off on bringing short-term rentals back....Continued

Vrbo, Airbnb collect state sales tax from Georgia short-term rental hosts

Vrbo and Airbnb now collect state sales tax automatically on behalf of Georgia hosts and pay it directly to the state. ...Continued

Short-term rentals resume in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

As states move through phases of reopening, vacation rentals in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania resume operations with rules and restrictions in place....Continued

Colorado short-term rentals back in business statewide

The governors of Colorado and Michigan have lifted restrictions on short-term rentals. However, both states require short-term rental hosts to take precautions. ...Continued