Avalara Government

With one powerful solution, government agencies can automate fuel tax filing and audit processes — while improving taxpayer services, reducing costs, and enhancing compliance.

Improve tax compliance (and boost revenue)

With e-filing, error detection, automated tax calculation, and increased audit coverage, you can increase taxpayer compliance and improve collections, too.

Reduce your costs

Save money on administrative expenses by automating manual processes and eliminating paper returns. 

Make audits more efficient — and effective

Avalara Government makes it easier to perform cross-matching analysis and reconciliation across taxpayer returns, giving auditors the tools and information they need to identify issues quickly.

Optimize cash flow

Electronic processing means you consistently have up-to-date payment status, while faster error detection allows you to quickly discover and correct problems.

Features and benefits

Automated workflow and policy management

With Avalara Government, you can automatically route tasks to the right staff as well as automate processes for license applications and renewals, payments, refunds, audits, and collection — while tracking the status of each.

Electronic filing and payments

Make it easy for taxpayers with secure credit card, ACH, and EFT payments, along with flexible options for e-filing: EDI, XML, or simple online imports of CSV/Excel files are all accepted.

Taxpayer account management and communications

Streamline taxpayer registration, licensing and renewal management, account balance tracking, bonding requirements, penalty/interest charges, and more. Plus, choose from multiple methods of communication to support collections.

Compliance analysis

Custom reporting and cross-matching analysis can help your employees identify errors, omissions, and fraud, by reconciling information provided by multiple filers who participated in the same transaction.

Audit management

Manage the audit process efficiently from beginning to end, with the power of automation to help you stay on top of it all.

Schedule validation and calculation

Detect data errors quickly and easily, while eliminating calculation mistakes and improving tax compliance.

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