Avalara Returns Excise

Generates signature-ready returns for energy suppliers, distributors, retailers, and traders, as well as tobacco and vape manufacturers and wholesalers.

Efficiency through automation

The more time you spend managing and adjusting your transaction data in spreadsheets, the less time you spend improving your business. Avalara Returns Excise uses your raw transaction detail to automatically prepare forms for jurisdictions in the United States and Canada. All you need to do is review, sign, and submit when ready.

Keep track of tax deadlines

Even the best employees can make mistakes, and even minor mistakes can be costly. Our robust filing calendar workflow helps the entire team understand where they are in the process — reducing your risk of penalties.

Flexible filing options

With Avalara Returns Excise, you can submit either electronic returns or paper returns at the federal, state, province, county, or city level. 

Features and benefits

Back-office integration

Direct transaction data imports from your existing systems improve productivity and eliminate error-prone, spreadsheet-based processes.

Versatile, scenario-based architecture

Our built-in rules can be augmented or customized by tax preparers, without programming or IT involvement.

Regular tax updates

Rules, rates, and forms change frequently. With regular tax content updates, Avalara Returns Excise can help keep you current and improve accuracy.

Robust reporting

Easily generate reports for analysis or audit response using a simple schedule query wizard.

End-to-end tax compliance solution

Avalara Returns Excise can integrate with AvaTax Excise and Avalara CertCapture to create a complete and powerful suite for calculation, returns, and document management.

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