Menu In-The-Box and Avalara AvaTax: Sales Tax Automation Software for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Channels

Platform: is a CaaS-based platform that creates direct-to-consumer channels to sell products in social, mobile and web platforms, and enjoys access to ad exchanges across leading desktop, mobile, and social digital advertising networks. It provides marketers the tools to monetize connections between a brand's unique products and the people uniquely interested. has built integrations with leading e-commerce platforms, payment and shipment gateways to power predictive marketing unique to each brand's products. Integration by: Corp started in 2012 as a group of marketers helping brands create and measure value in Social and Digital Media. In other words, we were trying to attain that Holy Grail of marketing: being in the right place, with the right person, product and price. The team at work to bridge the gap between products and consumers, shortening the conversion funnel between digital advertising and e-commerce and providing in-depth customer demographics and analytics.


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