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ViewCentral LMS and AvaTax transform training management

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The View Central Learning Management System is a web-based training management system available 24/7 online and on demand. With rapid and easy implementation, LMS maximizes profits while reducing training management costs.

Unfortunately, sales tax calculation proves to be a complicated process. Tracking rates, rules and boundaries is difficult in the face of ongoing changes on the state and federal level. As a manual process, it continues to be time-consuming and error-prone.

Luckily, View Central has partnered with Avalara and has integrated with AvaTax. AvaTax is an automated system that calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping - accurate down to rooftop level.

View Central Integration by: View Central

ViewCentral's cloud-based Learning Management System transforms training into a profitable business. Their goal has been to enable customers to monetize their investment in training, with solutions that customize to their businesses. ViewCentral LMS is an innovative system providing valuable service and attention to businesses.


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