Billing Platform

Communications service providers in need of a sophisticated billing solution need look no further: Billing Platform’s comprehensive, flexible solution lets companies bill, rate and price in virtually any format without the need for additional investment


FlyBilling’s pay-as-you-go subscription and usage-based billing service is a dream come true for communications service providers of all types, from media to IoT to all sorts of cloud infrastructures. Countless companies rely on FlyBilling to help curta


Symphony by IntegraTouch Communications service providers (CSPs) maintain a competitive edge by streamlining billing through a variety of solutions. The company has successfully designed and overhauled support systems for billing, subscriber manage


Does your company provide an intricate array of products, customizations and service bundles? Does the complex nature of these offerings often lead to billing errors, invoicing issues and compliance challenges? Such issues may seem unconquerable, but OneB


PortaOne enables communications service providers (CSPs) to quickly implement, deliver, and manage a wide range of billing solutions. With PortaOne’s PortaBilling, providers can more easily launch, price, and provision various communications services ra


Billing, provisioning, managing subscribers...these activities can be a huge undertaking for companies that provide internet of things and machine to machine services. RevX makes it remarkably easier for communications service providers (CSPs) to monetize