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Small Business

10 signs you need a retail ERP

How do you know when your business needs — and is ready for — a retail ERP? Learn about the 10 indications your business needs one right now....Continued

How to prep your business for Small Business Saturday

Make sure you’re prepping responsibly to ensure maximum traffic and compliance while you’re enjoying the holiday season. ...Continued

What are sales tax exemptions? How can your small business stay on top of them?

Exemptions can be based on the product, the intended use of the product, or the status of the buyer. Learn more about the three main types....Continued

Figuring out sales tax filing deadlines for your small business

Depending on how your sales break down, you could be required to remit and file monthly in one state, quarterly in another, and annually somewhere else....Continued

Out-of-state sales can grow your small business — and your tax burden, too

Your profits aren’t the only thing likely to grow as you start reaching buyers in different states. The complexity of your sales tax compliance will also increase....Continued

Calculating sales tax: It takes more than just numbers

If you have nexus, and your item or service is taxable, it’s time to figure out how much tax to charge. Read on for a closer look at how all of this works....Continued

5 things FBA sellers need to know about sales tax

It’s important to have a firm understanding of how Amazon sales can impact your tax obligations — and what you need to do in order to meet them....Continued

What a sales tax audit for a small business looks like

A lot of fears about audits stem from a lack of knowledge. When you know more about what a sales tax audit involves, you’ll breathe a little easier (we hope)....Continued

Tax Q&A: When and where do I need to get a sales tax permit?

You need to get a sales tax permit if you’re required to collect sales tax on items you sell in a particular state. Of course, when it comes to sales tax, nothing is really quite that simple. ...Continued

Your business might be small — but it’s not too small to use data

Here are the three key benefits to help you understand how data can help your business....Continued