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4 Things You Should Know About QBO and Sales Tax

QuickBooks Online, or QBO, is a platform that allows small business owners to log in from anywhere and manage their money on the go. If you run an ecommerce business here are 4 things you will wa...Continued

3 Tips for Managing Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

Missing or invalid sales tax exemption certificates remains one of the largest assessment areas under audit. If your customers' exemption certificates are invalid during an audit, you could receive si...Continued

How Sales Tax Nonpayment Can Hurt Your Business and Personal Credit

Outright fraud aside, failure to satisfy sales tax obligations is far more common than most sellers think. Usually, it’s due to lack of understanding of tax requirements. But even if the crime i...Continued

How to Avoid the #1 Sales Tax Bookkeeping Mistake

Small businesses have plenty of tax records to keep. Avoidable business bookkeeping mistakes can lead to nasty consequences, like tax audits, fines, and penalties.The IRS and many local tax authoritie...Continued

3 Ways Businesses Can Save Money on Sales Tax

Dealing with sales tax is a constant for any business selling taxable goods or services. As you collect taxes, you’re well aware that the money is destined for government coffers. But ...Continued

How to Prevent and Fix Common Sales Tax Mistakes

The collecting, filing, and paying of sales taxes is serious business. Just ask Todd Bates, the owner of a storage facility in Florida. Mr. Bates failed to pay the state $10,000 in sales tax that he c...Continued

7 Sales Tax Bookkeeping Tips to Help Your Small Business

Collecting sales tax from your online customers, then remitting it to the correct place at the right time is a responsibility you shouldn't neglect or handle improperly.What makes you an expert i...Continued

Surviving an Audit of Your Amazon Seller Central Business

When it comes to taxes, the once dreaded thought is that of an audit. We're not in the business of spinning doom-and-gloom scenarios, but thought it would be valuable to offer some background on how A...Continued

When Online Sellers Should File Sales Tax

One of the most common sales tax compliance questions we hear from online merchants is, "When is the right time to begin filing sales tax?" The answer isn't as simple as, "Right away!" It is up to eve...Continued

Business Owner Seeking Dreamy Accountant: 10 First-Date Questions to ask a Potential CPA

It happens to nearly everyone at some point. The loneliness. The indecision. Then, the mustering of a steely-eyed resolve (and maybe a glass of wine) to take action, immediately followed by more nervo...Continued