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Municipal taxes v. streaming services: When old tax structures meet new technologies

Viewers today are cutting the cable cord in favor of streaming services — and that’s cutting into state and local tax revenue....Continued

Controversial Internet Tax Freedom Act becomes permanent July 1

The loss of a revenue source isn’t welcomed by state revenue agencies, particularly as traditional voice service tax dollars continue to decline....Continued

Beyond TV and movies: Communications tax for other streaming services

From interactive home exercise equipment to live-stream gaming to any company providing telehealth services, thousands of businesses potentially stand to be impacted by streaming taxes....Continued

Video conferencing, collaboration tools, and taxes: What you need to know

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for streaming media companies to become familiar with the often overlooked requirement of communications taxation....Continued

Study shines light on communications and media industry complexity: How best-in-class performers manage evolving service requirements and tax concerns

A recent Aberdeen survey reveals how communications and media service providers are modifying business service models in response to rapidly changing industry realities. ...Continued

As streaming subscriptions surge, so do tax complexities

Streaming providers are facing a whole new world of complex communications and specialized streaming taxes — a trend that will likely continue to accelerate....Continued

Steve Lacoff moves to General Manager role at Avalara for Communications

As General Manager of Avalara for Communications, Steve Lacoff is now responsible for overall strategic direction and business unit growth as he guides a large, cross-functional team....Continued

The same, but different: Why is one VoIP call communications taxable and the other not?

Technical variations can complicate the application of the communications tax and regulatory fees that apply to VoIP — and that can lead to huge confusion, and ultimately risk. ...Continued

United States Supreme Court denies VoIP case – what does that mean for providers?

The U.S. Supreme Court has essentially denied states the ability to individually regulate VoIP services....Continued

Sensors are changing the world — and likely your taxes

While a lot has changed, one thing hasn’t: As companies roll out IoT applications, they need to consider the tax implications. ...Continued