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The same, but different: Why is one VoIP call communications taxable and the other not?

Technical variations can complicate the application of the communications tax and regulatory fees that apply to VoIP — and that can lead to huge confusion, and ultimately risk. ...Continued

United States Supreme Court denies VoIP case – what does that mean for providers?

The U.S. Supreme Court has essentially denied states the ability to individually regulate VoIP services....Continued

Sensors are changing the world — and likely your taxes

While a lot has changed, one thing hasn’t: As companies roll out IoT applications, they need to consider the tax implications. ...Continued

Federal Universal Service Fund contribution increased by 30 percent

It’s important to understand what the FUSF is, why it’s increasing, and how FUSF contributors should ensure they’re following contribution management best practices....Continued

Bundling 101: What you need to know

The tax complexity involved with bundling services is challenging, especially for new players entering the space, but can be addressed with proper documentation, planning, and coordination. ...Continued

Why taxing digital content is so complicated

While digital content taxation will likely continue to undergo change for some time, there are some precautions you can take to minimize your exposure as you sell these products....Continued

#MWCA2018, 5G, and taxes – Let’s talk about the future

The arrival of 5G has brought the communications industry to an inflection point. But what does all of this mean for taxes?...Continued

SD-WAN providers: Are you prepared for potential telecom taxation?

If you're thinking of expanding your services to include SD-WAN, consider the potential impacts and complexities of telecom taxation. ...Continued

Unified Communications and communications tax: what UC providers need to know now

Unified Communications simplifies team collaboration, but for providers can open the door to an incredibly complex array of communications taxes and federal regulations. Here's what you need to know. ...Continued

Vehicle telematics and communications tax: What's next for the consumer auto industry?

There are many tax implications vehicle manufacturers and telematics service providers need to be aware of. Here's what every consumer segment tax team needs to know to stay competitive and compliant....Continued