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Your business might be a telecommunications company. Now what?

Once a tech company has been deemed a telecommunications company for taxation, compliance becomes complex....Continued

3 signs your tech company is at risk of a telecom tax audit

Is your tech company at risk of being deemed a telecom company for tax purposes? What are the telltale signs, and how can you prepare? Find out here....Continued

Video streaming services and the next evolution of OTT: What about taxes?

Networks like Disney, Discovery, and Viacom are making major headlines as they announce new video streaming services, but what does the news signify from a communications tax and regulatory perspectiv...Continued

Avalara's Communication Unit Bolsters Regulatory Filing Relationships

Avalara's Returns for Communications service will soon provide referrals to regulatory experts for the most complex federal regulatory reporting and compliance...Continued

In New York, Communications Excise Tax Now Applies to Locked Cellphones

The New York Department of Taxation and Finance says cellphones are now subject to communications excise tax when they're locked or otherwise tied to a network....Continued

What are the Latest Communications Tax Implications for IoT?

One of the biggest unknowns facing communications service providers from a tax perspective is the Internet of Things....Continued

Iowa Amazon Prime Ruling Means Streaming Video Service Bundles Are Now Taxable

The Iowa Department of Revenue ruled that Amazon's streaming video service renders Amazon Prime memberships taxable in their entirety. Here's what tax managers need to know. ...Continued

The Key to a Successful FCC Form 477

If you're new to FCC Form 477, you'll be glad to know this one "trick" can save communications service providers from a lot of unnecessary headaches....Continued

Geospatial Data: Minimize Your CSP's Audit Liability With This Overlooked Method

Learn why Florida holds CSPs harmless from monitoring customer locations when they use geospatial data—and how this technology removes a huge roadblock to communications tax compliance. ...Continued

Communications Service Providers: How to Prepare for Regulatory Forms

Quick question for communications service providers of phone, VoIP or broadband services who are still relatively new to the industry: Do you know what all of your reporting requirements are? H...Continued