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Pennsylvania responds to Supreme Court ruling on remote sales tax

Many out-of-state sellers will have to start collecting and remitting Pennsylvania sales tax starting July 1, 2019....Continued

Will Congress take on remote sales tax in 2019?

Congress has talked about remote sales tax for decades without ever agreeing on a law — and may have missed an opportunity not easily regained....Continued

Wyoming may make marketplace facilitators collect sales tax

Marketplace facilitators may be required to collect and remit Wyoming sales tax on behalf of their sellers starting July 1, 2019. ...Continued

2 more states require marketplace facilitators to collect sales tax, January 2019

Alabama and Iowa join a growing list of states requiring marketplace facilitators to collect and remit sales tax on behalf of third-party sellers. ...Continued

New year brings new remote seller sales tax collection obligations in 7 states

New economic nexus and marketplace facilitator sales tax policies take effect in six states and the District of Columbia on January 1, 2019....Continued

Remote seller sales tax bill introduced in Arkansas

Like more than 30 states and the District of Columbia, Arkansas plans to tax sales by businesses with substantial economic activity but no physical presence in the state. ...Continued

Texas to tax remote sales starting October 2019

Starting October 1, 2019, out-of-state businesses with at least $500,000 in Texas sales will have to collect and remit Texas sales tax....Continued

Should Congress limit the right of states to tax remote sales?

Could Congress finally be ready to take on remote sales tax?...Continued

Virginia introduces bill to tax out-of-state sales

Virginia could be the next state to tax remote sales....Continued

Missouri moves to tax remote sales via economic nexus

Missouri lawmakers considered taxing remote sales in early 2018, but the measure died. A similar bill is more likely to gain traction in 2019....Continued