Remit sales tax to the tax authorities


You’ve collected the appropriate sales tax amounts, and now it’s time to remit those funds to the tax authorities. Each tax authority has unique regulations for sales tax remittance, including due dates, how they should be remitted (either paper returns or electronic returns), and the frequency returns must be remitted.

What to do:

Ensure you understand the filing requirements for each jurisdiction where you collect tax. Determining your sales tax liability, what tax forms are required, and how to remit tax can be incredibly time-consuming, so make sure you have dedicated resources.

Avalara States and Dates

This handy guide lays out important state-specific information including sales tax holidays, early filing discounts, remittance due dates, payment requirements, and forms, so you can ensure you’re filing correctly.

The Tricky 10

All states are not the same when it comes to sales tax filing. Learn about the tricky 10 states that tend to have the most complex rules and regulations.

Let Avalara help:

Avalara Returns handles sales tax filing and remittance on your behalf by using your transaction data to automatically prepare and file your returns. Your filing and remittance process should scale with your growing business so you file more accurately, on time, and qualify for available early payment discounts.

Next steps

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