Manage all your compliance documents in the cloud.

From sales tax exemptions and excise licenses to Forms W-8 and W-9, Avalara CertCapture covers all of your compliance documentation needs. Reduce audit risks and minimize exposure by automating management of:

The CertCapture suite of cloud-based solutions dramatically simplifies and streamlines traditionally inefficient, paper-heavy processes. In fact, more than 2,000 customers trust Avalara CertCapture to securely manage 17 million compliance documents with easy-to-use tools designed specifically for:

  • Retailers. CertCapture for Retail integrates with your existing tax and order management systems to capture, validate and manage sales tax exemption certificates. Capture compliance documents using a smartphone or tablet at the point of transaction, with the new CertCapture Mobile Scan App.
  • eCommerce companies. CertCapture for eCommerce allows shoppers to create and update exemption certificates online as part of quick and easy checkout experiences.
  • Fuel distributors and suppliers. ExciseCapture gives companies that buy and sell fuel easy access to critical excise licenses and exemption certificates.
  • Multinational corporations. VendorCapture dramatically simplifies the process of collecting, validating and maintaining Forms W-8 and W-9 for federal tax withholding compliance.

CertCapture integrates with hundreds of ERP, accounting, tax decision and point-of-sale (POS) solutions. And when you really need to focus on your core business, simply outsource all compliance documentation operations to Avalara’s Managed Services team.

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Automatic Renewals

Automatically track expiration dates and proactively send renewal requests for documents that are about to expire or are marked as invalid.

Collection Wizard

Online, rule-based wizard automates the paperless collection of certificates and ensures you only collect valid certificates.

Storage and Retrieval

All documents are stored digitally in a secure central database to dramatically speed tax-exempt transaction processing and simplify audit preparation.

Reporting and Analysis

Maintain a secure digital library of documents with nearly unlimited data fields for effective reporting and analysis, and close audits faster with a special auditor portal.

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