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eBay to collect sales tax in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Washington in 2019

Online marketplace eBay will collect and remit sales tax on behalf of sellers in three states next year — a list that's likely to grow as more states impose tax obligations on marketplace facilitators...Continued

Economic nexus and the changing sales tax landscape

Read about economic nexus laws, which create sales tax collection obligations for sellers who reach one or more sales totals and/or transaction volume thresholds in a given state. ...Continued

Out-of-state sales can grow your small business — and your tax burden, too

Your profits aren’t the only thing likely to grow as you start reaching buyers in different states. The complexity of your sales tax compliance will also increase....Continued

#MWCA2018, 5G, and taxes – Let’s talk about the future

The arrival of 5G has brought the communications industry to an inflection point. But what does all of this mean for taxes?...Continued

Environmental compliance challenges for fuel suppliers in the U.S. and Canada

Tax compliance has never been simple for fuel suppliers. Now, environmental compliance requirements are making it even more complex. ...Continued

Nevada looks to adopt economic nexus as early as October 1, 2018

Get ready: Nevada may be the next state to impose a tax collection obligation on remote sellers....Continued

Will Congress restrict states’ right to tax remote sales?

Some members of Congress think Congress should limit the way states can tax sales by sellers with no physical presence in the state. ...Continued

Avalarians honored in Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting

The eagerly anticipated list is, for insiders, the “list of lists” as chosen by the newspaper of record for the accounting profession. ...Continued

Avalara nominated for Nordic APIs Best Public API of 2018 – Voting starts September 26

Avalara has been nominated for Best Public API of 2018 awarded by Nordic APIs! Cast your vote between September 26 and October 24....Continued

Calculating sales tax: It takes more than just numbers

If you have nexus, and your item or service is taxable, it’s time to figure out how much tax to charge. Read on for a closer look at how all of this works....Continued