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Avalara Now Offers Over 700 Integrations Into Business Applications

Avalara now offers more than 700 prebuilt integrations into business applications across accounting, ERP, ecommerce, point-of-sale, mobile commerce, and CRM software. ...Continued

Hawaii looks for more ways to increase remote sales tax revenue

Though already enforcing economic nexus on remote sellers, Hawaii is considering a tax on marketplace facilitators and a use tax reporting requirement for non-collecting marketplaces....Continued

You can get paid for filing sales tax on time? Wacky Tax Wednesday

You don't just get bragging rights for filing and remitting sales tax on time in some states; you get to keep a portion of what you collect....Continued

Avalara Expands into Alcoholic Beverage Compliance through Acquisition

Avalara today announced it has acquired the operational assets of Compli, a provider of compliance services, technology, and software to producers, distributors, and importers of alcoholic beverages. ...Continued

Tax authorities use crowdsourcing to find non-collecting sellers

Crowdsourcing has been used for a variety of purposes for centuries — most recently to help tax authorities identify non-collecting sellers....Continued

5 ways to fail a tax audit

Did you know there are ways to ensure you spend more time, money, and resources than necessary during an audit? It’s true. ...Continued

The CRUSH Files: Getting a firm grasp on Wayfair

Learn why Scott Peterson, Avalara’s VP of U.S. Tax Policy & Government Relations, is considered a huge draw for CRUSH attendees....Continued

The difference between sales tax and use tax

There’s more to sales tax compliance than sales tax. Most businesses also have to deal with use tax, which comes in two types: consumer use tax and seller use tax. ...Continued

As New York enforces economic nexus, governor seeks "internet fairness tax"

In addition to enforcing economic nexus on remote sellers, New York may require marketplace providers to collect sales tax on behalf of their third-party sellers....Continued

Vendor discounts for filing sales tax on time in 2019

If the threat of penalties and interest charges doesn’t motivate you to file and remit sales tax on time, perhaps a timely filing incentive will....Continued