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August 2020 sales tax rate changes

Several sales tax rate changes take effect August 1, 2020....Continued

Sales tax holidays in the time of COVID-19

Whether students return to the classroom or learn from home, states that provide back-to-school sales tax holidays will offer them as planned....Continued

DC explores taxing sales of advertising and personal information

A growing number of states are interested in broadening sales tax to advertising services....Continued

The future of COVID-19 sales tax relief in Arizona, Louisiana, and Michigan

With no end to COVID-19 in sight, some states are extending sales tax relief programs for certain businesses....Continued

Avalara Introduces New Capabilities to Help Sellers Manage Cross-Border Tax Compliance

Avalara today announced enhanced capabilities for its cross-border solution, an integrated offering that helps businesses sell internationally by managing the complexity of customs duty and import tax...Continued

Design an online store experience, not just an online store

How technology can help enhance the online shopping experience....Continued

Vendor discounts for filing sales tax on time in 2020

If the threat of penalties and interest charges doesn’t motivate you to file and remit sales tax on time, perhaps a timely filing incentive will....Continued

Louisiana increases sales tax kickback to timely filers

Close to 30 states encourage businesses to file and remit sales tax on time with vendor discounts....Continued

COVID-19 tax relief roundup

A compilation of tax news, announcements, and government response related to the COVID-19 outbreak associated with the coronavirus....Continued

August 2020 sales tax holidays

Sales tax holidays can complicate sales tax compliance in surprising ways....Continued