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Mississippi moves to turn marketplace facilitators into tax collectors

Marketplace facilitators could be required to collect and remit Mississippi sales tax for third-parties as early as July 1, 2020....Continued

No matter how hot your burrito, it’s still a sandwich in New York – Wacky Tax Wednesday

How hot is that burrito? And where are you selling it?...Continued

3 risky sales tax survival strategies

How far are you willing to go to take the sting out of sales tax compliance? ...Continued

An appetite for sales tax change is growing in Kansas

There now seems to be an appetite for a new food tax policy in Kansas, but there may not be consensus on the best way to serve it up....Continued

Texas-sized sales tax sourcing changes proposed in the Lone Star State

Texas may be too big for a one-size-fits-all approach to sales tax sourcing, but the proposed changes should improve the current system....Continued

Puzzling out sales tax in Colorado – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Just like pieces in an intricate puzzle, no two sales tax districts in Colorado are exactly alike: They each have unique exemptions, rates, and rules. ...Continued

Know the Rules — The Tennessee ABC is cracking down on direct shippers

To support compliant direct programs and help wineries protect their business, we’re kicking off a new series — Know the Rules. We’ll begin in Tennessee....Continued

Kentucky needs more auditors to go after noncompliant businesses

Now would be a good time to get compliant in Kentucky....Continued

It’s that wonderful time of year when sales tax changes are introduced – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Sales tax legislation is being introduced from Florida to Washington, and lawmakers are getting down to the business of making laws....Continued

Will Alabama eliminate sales tax on groceries in 2020?

There's a movement to exempt groceries from Alabama sales tax. It won't be easy....Continued