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Your business might be small — but it’s not too small to use data

Here are the three key benefits to help you understand how data can help your business....Continued

Washington responds to Wayfair decision with new economic nexus standards

Businesses with no physical presence in Washington state may soon be required to collect and remit Washington sales tax. ...Continued

New Jersey joins growing ranks of states to tax remote sales

Starting October 1, 2018, New Jersey will tax remote retailers doing a certain amount of business in the state....Continued

Idaho plays hard ball with non-collecting remote retailers

Idaho is intent on enforcing its tax on out-of-state sales; it's contacted 500 non-compliant vendors to remind them of their new obligation....Continued

North Carolina to tax out-of-state sales starting November 2018

Many out-of-state sellers will have to start collecting and remitting North Carolina sales tax as of November 1, 2018....Continued

South Carolina looks to tax out-of-state sales

South Carolina may soon join dozens of other states in taxing remote sales....Continued

The sleeping giant awakens: California looks for best way to tax out-of-state sellers

The fifth-largest economy in the world may soon require more out-of-state sellers to collect and remit California sales and use tax....Continued

Avalara TrustFile Now Available on Amazon Marketplace Appstore

FBA sellers can easily file and remit sales tax with Avalara TrustFile. Quickly import your sales data and TrustFile prepares digital and printable copies of your state sales tax returns in minutes....Continued

After leading the nation in local soda taxes, California bans them – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Is California keeping groceries affordable or soda tax free? ...Continued

Do I need to charge sales tax on my services?

Do you know whether your service is subject to sales tax? It’s a good idea to check in every state where you do business, because laws vary....Continued