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Oklahoma looks to tax remote sales via economic nexus

Oklahoma already imposes a tax on marketplace sales and notice and reporting requirements on non-collecting sellers. It may soon add a sales tax economic nexus law....Continued

Georgia looks to tax more remote sales

Georgia is looking to amend its remote seller sales tax law....Continued

Colorado seeks to simplify sales tax compliance for remote sellers

Several bills under consideration in Colorado would simplify sales tax collection for remote sellers....Continued

How well do you comply with sales tax regulatory requirements?

What you need to know to get sales tax right....Continued

Rhode Island governor would tax marketplace sales and Netflix

Sales tax "modernization' in Rhode Island could lead to more taxes on streaming services, marketplace sales, and more....Continued

Avalara Recognized as a Leader in First IDC MarketScape Report on Global Tax Automation

Avalara has been named as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SAAS and Cloud-Enabled Sales Tax and VAT Automation Applications 2019 Vendor Assessment....Continued

On buggy whips, liposuction, and Uber rides – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Utah Governor Gary Herbert understands just how wacky sales tax can be....Continued

Avalara Acquires Artificial Intelligence Technology and Expertise from Indix to Aggregate, Structure, and Deliver Global Product and Tax Information

Avalara today announced it has acquired Indix’s AI technology and expertise, with comprehensive product descriptions for more than 1 billion products sold and shipped worldwide. ...Continued

10 tips for complying with sales tax regulations

There’s nothing sexy about sales tax compliance, but there is something compelling about staying on the right side of state tax authorities....Continued

Tax bracket or straightjacket?

The bracket sales tax system can put a person right over the edge....Continued