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Marketplaces to be responsible for tax on third-party sales in Nevada, October 2019

Like more than 30 other states, Nevada is requiring marketplaces to collect and remit tax on all sales made through the platform....Continued

When do you need to collect a sales tax exemption certificate?

If you have nexus and don't charge a customer sales tax, you must collect an exemption certificate....Continued

3 subscription business accounting pain points that can be solved with recurring billing platforms

When a subscription business pursues recurring billing solutions, it’s usually to address specific pain points. ...Continued

Alabama Supreme Court rules software is subject to sales and use tax

The Supreme Court of Alabama has ruled sales tax applies to all software sales in the state....Continued

Marketplaces to be responsible for Utah sales tax, October 2019

As have more than 30 states, Utah requires marketplaces to collect tax on their third-party sales....Continued

Illinois requires marketplaces to collect sales tax

Effective January 1, 2020, marketplace facilitators will be responsible for the tax due on sales made through the platform in Illinois....Continued

Minnesota changes economic nexus thresholds

As have several other states, Minnesota is changing its sales tax economic nexus threshold....Continued

Marketplaces to be responsible for VAT collections in France

France will be the first member of the EU to hold marketplaces responsible for the VAT on sales by non-EU third-party merchants....Continued

Do states like to watch remote sellers scramble? Wacky Tax Wednesday

When states enact laws after they're supposed to take effect....Continued

How sales tax can encourage disaster preparedness and recovery

Weather-related disasters cost the United States more than $1.6 trillion last year. Can sales tax help with disaster preparedness and recovery?...Continued