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eBay to collect sales tax in Minnesota starting January 2019

Starting January 1, 2019, online marketplace eBay will collect and remit Minnesota sales tax on behalf of out-of-state sellers making sales in the state. ...Continued

California steps closer to taxing remote sales

California expects to have a remote sales tax policy in place by the end of the year, but it’s still hammering out the details. ...Continued

Colorado adopts new sales tax collection requirements for in-state sellers in the wake of Wayfair

Starting December 1, Colorado will impose new sales tax collection and filing obligations on both in-state businesses and out-of-state sellers....Continued

Taxing the great candy haul – Wacky Tax Wednesday

A staggering amount of candy is sold in preparation for Halloween. How much of it is subject to sales tax?...Continued

5 things every Etsy seller needs to know about sales tax

Whether you’re doing big business on the site or just starting out, read on to learn the five things you should know about sales tax on Etsy....Continued

Economic nexus goes into effect in five more states starting November 1, 2018

The latest states to enforce economic nexus: Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and South Dakota....Continued

Oklahoma to remote sellers: You’re required to collect and remit sales tax

New obligations for remote sellers, referrers, and marketplace providers took effect in Oklahoma on July 1, 2018. Are you required to collect?...Continued

How economic nexus impacts local sales tax collection

Do remote sellers have to collect local sales tax in addition to state sales tax?...Continued

Streamlined Sales Tax: Perhaps the most important sales tax organization you’ve never heard of

What is Streamlined Sales Tax, and why should anyone care? ...Continued

Nevada voters: Should tampons be sales tax exempt?

Nevada voters will decide the fate of the proposed sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products on November 6, 2018....Continued