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Arizona bans sales tax on services

Services not already subject to tax in Arizona can't be taxed now....Continued

Local soda taxes now prohibited in Washington

As in California, local soda taxes are now prohibited in Washington....Continued

Taxable and exempt fitness fees in Tennessee – Who’s fit to be taxed? – Wacky Tax Wednesday

You wouldn’t pay tax on a class that teaches you how to teach yoga in Tennessee, but you’d have to charge tax on the yoga classes you offer once you’re certified....Continued

The lingering effects of last year on economic nexus

In many states, a tax collection obligation is triggered if you surpassed the threshold during the previous year, even if this year’s sales into the state are below the threshold....Continued

Canadian sales tax for U.S. sellers

Even though Canada’s system isn’t quite as complex as the sales tax system in the United States, that doesn’t mean it’s simple....Continued

Virginia looks to tax remote sales in mid-2019

Close to 30 states have adopted economic nexus in the wake of Wayfair. Virginia will likely join them in 2019....Continued

5 things construction contractors should know about sales tax

You know better than anyone that a solid foundation is necessary for success, so we’ve compiled five general tax guidelines to give your construction business something to build on....Continued

Wyoming to tax remote sales starting February 1, 2019

Wyoming's economic nexus law has been on hold since 2017. The Wyoming Department of Revenue now says it will enforce economic nexus starting February 1, 2019....Continued

From 1,500 to one: Texas considers flat sales tax rate for remote sellers

There are more than 1,500 local sales and use tax jurisdictions in Texas, and each has its own sales and use tax rate....Continued

It’s over: South Dakota settles Wayfair lawsuit

The legal battle that led to the demise of the physical presence rule has been settled. Wayfair, Newegg, and Overstock will collect South Dakota sales tax starting January 1....Continued