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California on track to tax remote sales starting April 1, 2019

California may change the remote sales tax requirements set to take effect April 1, 2019; if so, businesses won't have much time to adapt to the changes....Continued

AvaTax API 19.3 Patch Notes

This article is about the March 2019 monthly update to the AvaTax API....Continued

Washington state simplifies sales tax compliance for out-of-state sellers

The latest changes to Washington sales tax law are confusing, but they'll simplify sales tax compliance in the long run. ...Continued

Nebraska to tax remote sales and marketplace providers, July 2019

Nebraska is on the verge of enacting economic nexus and a sales tax collection obligation for marketplace facilitators....Continued

Remote sellers to tax digital goods in Pennsylvania, April 2019

Remote sellers of digital products may have to collect and remit Pennsylvania sales tax starting April 1, 2019....Continued

Hawaii may increase the sales tax rate … in 2050 – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Is Hawaii planning ahead like a 22-year old with a 401(k), or putting things off in a stellar example of "island time?"...Continued

Who’s responsible for sales tax in New York, the marketplace or the vendor?

Is an out-of-state online marketplace responsible for collecting and remitting New York sales tax on sales facilitated in New York? ...Continued

The CRUSH Files: Why tax professionals should attend CRUSH19

Hear from Avalara's Amy Morgan on why CRUSH19 is the perfect conference for any tax professional, as well as how "going global" will be a focus at this year's event....Continued

Remote retailers selling into California could owe more than sales and use tax

In addition to sales and use tax, some remote retailers doing business in California may be responsible for collecting and remitting other fees....Continued

Idaho looking to expand remote sales tax law

Although Idaho already enforces click-through nexus, lawmakers want to adopt economic nexus and impose a tax collection duty on marketplace facilitators....Continued