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Online educational content is exempt from North Carolina sales tax

Online education is on the rise. It's also exempt from North Carolina sales tax....Continued

Do you sell online? 3 game changers that impact ecommerce sales tax obligations

Rising online sales, shrinking state budgets, and expanded nexus laws can complicate sales tax compliance for ecommerce merchants....Continued

Checkout at one register and a sale is exempt; use another and it’s taxable – Wacky Tax Wednesday

In Massachusetts, what’s allowed through the checkout line can impact the taxability of all sales made at that register. ...Continued

Why are duties owed on some shipments but not others?

Why would a shipment valued at $200 be subject to import taxes in Canada but not Australia? Hint: It could be because of de minimis thresholds....Continued

Avalara Helps Businesses Automate Consumer Use Tax Compliance

Avalara today announced the availability of Avalara Consumer Use, a new product that helps finance professionals quickly self-assess their consumer use tax obligations and achieve compliance. ...Continued

Wayfair turns 2, but survey shows many businesses still unaware of economic nexus

According to a recent survey, many retailers are unaware of economic nexus laws requiring out-of-state sellers to collect and remit sales tax....Continued

May Roundup: Sales tax laws you need to know

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your sales tax compliance....Continued

Sales tax rate changes, June 2020

Local sales tax rate changes take effect in several states on June 1, 2020....Continued

New York may allow distilleries to obtain DTC licenses

If the bill passes, it would authorize direct intrastate and interstate shipment of liquor and create a new DTC license for distilleries that allows direct shipments to consumers via common carrier. ...Continued

Avalara API 20.5 Patch Notes

This article is about the May 2020 monthly update to the Avalara API....Continued